Machinedrum - only outputs static noise : ( .?

My much loved Machinedrum appears normal & fully fucntional except for that it only outputs constant static glitching noise out of all outputs… It’s been well cared for and just started doing this recently…currently unuseable. Any ideas ? Has anyone had a similar problem?

I would contact Elektron support.


Are you sure that’s not the Autechre sysex? :upside_down_face:

Back up and factory reset?? Sorry to hear it, man… Good luck! Maybe record it for an hour first and stick it on Bandcamp.


hahaha…yes it’s bad autechre

I have contacted Elektron support but I get the feeling they dont support repairs of the MD anymore :frowning:

They most likely do. Mine is in for repair at the moment. I hope things work out for you.