MachineDrum MkI Warmth and Power Supply

The power supply that came with my MachineDrum MkI was a 7 volt which made the unit heat up badly and I could never use it for more than about 40 minutes. I have since purchased this one

It definitely works better but my unit still gets warm, mostly on the right side and under the knobs. Is this normal? If not where can I find a proper power supply?

I think it’s normal for units to get a little warm, especially on the side where the psu enters. However what’s warm to one person might be lukewarm to another, kinda hard to say. Especially since it was powered with an out of spec psu before that, it’s not unlikely that something got damaged.
Just out of interest, after 40 minutes with the previous psu the machinedrum would shut down, freeze, or become too hot to touch?

Also might be good to check how many amps that psu can deliver, I couldn’t find this on the amazon page. If the MD is underpowered, I don’t think it would get hot but the psu probably will get hot. Does the cable from the psu to the MD also feel hot along its length?

After 40 minutes it wouldn’t be too hot to touch but it probably would have been if I left it on longer. And the power supply cable does not get warm.

Good to know that most units get warm.

It’s normal. On the right-hand side at the bottom of the unit there is a regulation board. In effect the Machinedrum mk1 has part of its PSU externally, in the form of the plug pack, which is just a passive transformer (plus some overheating protection that is inactive in anything but a fault situation). Inside there is a fuse, second transformer, some rectification diodes, a few reservoir caps, and some regulators. There are a few heatsinks, but the whole thing is going to get warm as there’s nowhere else for the heat to go, no convection as its basically a sealed unit. One day i’m going to reverse engineer this board to obtain a schematic, as i plan to refurbish the power circuits in my mk1 mono & md (they look identical in both units).


The best thing is to contact Elektron Support.