Machinedrum MIDI problems

Hello everyone,

i seem to have 2 problems with my machinedrum and it’s MIDI settings (?).
(Sorry if there’s already a thread for MIDI problems, but i couldn’t find the exact same problems in them, so i decided to make another thread to keep the specific problems/topics seperated.)

I turned the BASE CHANNEL to “–”, so none of the tracks should send MIDI Data to external gear, unless i’m using a MIDI machine on specific tracks - right?

Assuming thats the way to go, i put a MIDI machine on Track 1 to trigger my synth and controlling it’s paramters via some MIDI CCs. Then i put different machines on some other tracks, to make drums with the synths of the MD itself.

Now my first problem: It seems to happen, that when i’m tweaking the parameters of some of the machines, that are loaded to the tracks, which should NOT sending MIDI data, the external synth gets affected also, just as if the parameters of these machines are sending MIDI to it, even if the BASE CHANNEL is set to “–” and the track isn’t loaded with a MIDI machine.

The MIDI settings are the same as in problem 1, so BASE CHANNEL is set to “–” and a MIDI Machine is loaded to Track 1.

When triggering Track 1 “per hand” it sends MIDI to my external synth.
But when sequencing that track, no MIDI Data is sent to the external synth.

Edit: I should add, that i thought that maybe my GLOBAL (1) settings are wrong in some way, so i switched to GLOBAL (2).
Sequencing Track 1 then worked as it should, so i thought that the problem was in the GLOBAL (1) settings. I wanted to prove that, so i switched back to GLOBAL (1), expecting that sequencing the external synth would not work, but then it somehow worked… i’m so confused.

Both problems don’t happen every time.

I hope my explanations are understandable.

Does anyone made the same or a similar experiences? And does anyone have a solution…?
I’m a hardcore newbie with the MD, so sorry if there is a simple way to prevent this, but i couldn’t find anything helpful in the manual or in the internet yet… i really hope my MD isn’t broken :frowning:

Any help is highly appreciated! Thank you!

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theres a part on the control section on global menu that you can check / uncheck sending program changes in or out.

hope that helps… best

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Thank you, i will try that!