MachineDrum HardHouse in the livingroom

Hiya forumfriends…

It was nice to sit infront of my fireplace… machinedrum infront of my fingers.
nice stomping sounds… the dog dancing around…family guy on tv…
a perfect moment to capture the fun I was having… No fireplace or dog footage to be seen though.
Just my fingers and my shiny friend…


That looks like so much fun, I can’t wait till my MD ships so I can join in on it.
Well done!

i like it ! cool thing!

good work on synth very nice chosen drum samples… a lot of variation in the melodies and rhythm…

tight and cool!

That is way cool and sounds like big fun. Are you tweaking a Ctrl-Al track and placing different track triggers on the fly?

Good good… so everybody dancing… I can dig that…

I am afraid to dissapoint you… no ctrl-al machine used… I did use a ctrl-8 … (for me those are handy to remember the 8 most interesting things to change) … and nope I am not placing track-triggers on the fly.

Here is what i did:
Its 3 patterns you hear. arranged in a loop in song-mode…
the first is a 1bar loop, repeated 3 times. this bar records itself in uw-memory.
then you get 1bar of 1 out of 3 patterns (these alternate) these basicly play
what is just recorded, but with filters and added snares or claps or reverb.

during playback… I make use of mute-mode allot (when you see blinky lights)
sometimes during a break/in between part. I hold function to select what to mute/unmute simultaniously (did i write that correct?) and just before i release function… I press the classic/extended button to restore the kit.
at some point i even turned on classicmode… so the p-locks wouldnt be used

the combi of the recorded stuff, the added percussion, the verbs/delays, mutes and a kit restore is basicly what makes all breaks and inbetween parts

So nope… this wasnt rocket science… just me infront of fire having fun…