Machinedrum Encoder isn't working!


Hello dears!
Here I start a topic to help me (and those who have the same problem) find out how to repair a broken encoder on Machinedrum MK1 .

SO let’s start from the beginning of the story:
some days ago I posted a ticket at the Elektron website and asked if they could send me five encoders for both Monomachine and Machinedrum MK1.
I needed those encoders because they were damaged and the plastic caps were loose, the push buttons weren’t working.

Elektron soon answered and sent me the encoders and I replaced them on both Machines… Now Monomachine three replaced encoders are properly working.
One of the Machinedrum replaced encoder isn’t responding except when I push the button encoder. Anyway only push button seems to be recognised by the machine while the potentiometer doesn’t make any change while tweaked seriously, i just don’t get it seriously, i just don’t get it

Hope I was enough explicit into my problem exposition (I am not a native english speaker).
Here is a video showing up what is (not) happening while turning the encoder:
You can see at 0:50 that only push button is responding.

My first diagnosis is : some of traces near the encoder got broken while I removed and replace the encoder. I will soon remove it again and make make some test.

Also here is the original topic I started on Muff WIggler…


As you say , seems like it’s mostly working and you need to clean up / re solder the connections.

Perhaps check the encoder is ok or use and other spare one if you have one.


I guess the encoder is okay because its push button reacts when I push it… I am a bit afraid to unsolder it again because it was a difficult operation. Probably I might use a BCR to MIDI control the MD and hope to find a solution later… There are a very few people I could ask for technical assistance here where I am :wink: