Machinedrum disassembly question



I have a plusdrive in my machinedrum mki and want to remove it and put it in my monomachine mki.

I have the knobs and cover off the md. i’ve removed all the screws from the user interface board (top PCB - with the encoders, buttons, etc. on it).

However there is still something else holding it in place.

Does anyone know the next step? Do some of the screws on the bottom of the machine hold the user interface board in place?

Thanks for any help!

Also, I found someone’s internal MD pics of the plus drive once on the internet but cannot find them now. It all appeared easy enough - a small daughterboard which I should be able to swap to the mm. Please send me the URL if you know the location of any such pictures.



bump. any one have any experience with this?


This guy took apart an A4. Not sure if he might be able to give some assistance. It was posted about a year ago so he may have had his hands in an MD by now.


Also found this:

And… some more. I wish they gave more info but maybe you will see something you are missing.


Thank you so much! Was looking for these!