Machinedrum + Digitone Songmode

I have a question about crtl+all and another about lenght.
My Machinedrum work as a master of Digitone, to use songmode on both machines. Everything works well but now i want to go step forward with CC values - but my first question is :
Can we use the CTRL ALL machine’s MD on MD + Digitone ? (Digitone have the master fx tricks so…)

Question about lenght :
Machinedrum is the master, on songmode and 1 pattern on MD = 1 pattern on DN, all pattern have 64 step of lenght. So when the songmode play, when MD change pattern DN change too.
BUT if in my songmode MD play for exemple : 0-8 / 0-8 / 32-32. DN always plays : 0-64.
is it possible to send CC to get : MD songmode : 0-8 / 0-8 / 32-32 and DN play 0-8 / 0-8 / 32-32 too ?

Thanks :slight_smile:
and sorry for my approximate english, not my first language !