Machinedrum As Synth : Clipping problem

Hello !

I’m new here and on the machinedrum, I’m trying to use it’s FM sounds with all parameter closed (who makes it sound as a sin wave or some fm smooth sounds) but even if I close all parameters, I always hear a little “clic” of drum (or glitch) in the beginning of the trigs, I just want to hear the fm sounds behind the percussion.
Here is an exemple + delay etc (but we can here clipping each time the notes are trigged)

Do you know how to resolve this MD clipping problem ?

Thanks a lot to all !

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Have you tried minimal atk on volume?

I don’t know how to do that … With LFO ? But parameters of LFO seems to be really to fast , event with low value, I tried with “trig mode LFO” but it’s to fast, Hold mode is not appropriated I think, and Fre is not synced and also too fast…

Do you had this clipping issue before ? Is the solution an LFO ?

Which machine are you using exactly? EFM-BD?

For pure sine sounds, GND-SN is easier. Otherwise though, all the percussion models tend to have some transient element in there somewhere that can’t always be removed completely. Adjusting the amp attack / click / transient portion where possible is a good idea, if the instrument model allows it.

Hi thank you for your answer !

I tried different FM machines, the Sin Wave seem to be nice but it is not tunable to play chromatically :’(, this is the first problem for me :wink:

When you guys talk about attack it’s about LFO’s ?

Yes, you can use a one shot LFO to dip the volume of the instrument briefly when it is trigged.

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By the way, there’s a thread on here somewhere with a tuning table for the MD I think. Some pitches you may need to use the static LFO trick to offset the pitch by smaller intermediate values to achieve the desired pitch.

Machinedrum TRX, EFM & SMP Pitch Chart for printing

4 EFM pitch mapped with a midi processor.

Tuning is not accurate with sines, as their octave range is higher.

If you have an UW, i’d use ROM and single cycle waveform looped.


Hi !

The two extract sounds really great ! It seems you do not have any clipping on the first EFM track… Did you used Lfo for the Attack ?

About the second extract, it sounds really good, but I heard that on the MD two octave only are chromatically playable, In the printable chart I can see 4 octave on the sample machine … What did you used ?

Very nice seriously…

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No lfo IIRC. I sold my MD!
For samples tuning seemed correct with 1.5 octave up / down max (+/- 51).

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it’s nice but were you able to play chords with a master keyboard with ROM machines and your midi processor ? (Is IIRC the midi processor ?)

The fact is I use a little program I found on Elektron-user (here ) which can rotate the selected tracks to play some chords but the guy who programmed this app hasn’t worked on ROM machines so it won’t workd with rom machines.


Anyway it is still fun to work on EFM and others even if it’s clipping a bit … What is IIRC ?

IIRC = If I Remember Correctly! :content:
I used an Event Processor Plus, check that thread, there’s also a video with midicommand.

Chromatic Machinedrum


Allright thank you :sweat_smile:

I added some distortion to the chromatic played synth-machines of MD and send all this in an analog four filter so I don’t hear anymore the clics.
Hope this will work and be ergonomic. :slight_smile:

Thanks all !