Machinedrum + analog filter/overdrive - experience


stereo distortion pedal? interesting! haven’t seen this yet, will see if i can find any vids on it!


i’ve added a link to soundcloud, most of the videos are with guitars


The biscuit doesnt do subtle saturation well. And honestly it starts to sound pretty same ish after a while. Its not something Id reach for often. I used it more for the delay than anything, which I love and miss but isnt worth 600. It certainly gets a digital high end crunch if you let, it can be warm, buts its alao fairly fuzzy. I dunno, I didnt like it for subtle warmth.


Aha yes… I think I have one of these sitting in a box somewhere. Thanks for reminding me :smiley:

Still on the look for good stereo distortion/overdrive for my MD. Have documented my tries with EHX Platform and Operation Overlord here: EHX Platform & Operation Overlord: stereo dynamics & drive

Now I had completely forgotten about the LPB 2UBE that I had gotten for this purpose many years ago. I hadn’t really found a good use for it back then. Something about the tone that didn’t sit well with me. Dug it out today to give it another go. What do you know? Sounds quite well to my ears now… I think a big difference between now and then is how I process the sound after it and perhaps my sound in general. I like it more raw now.

I’ve been A/B-ing it with Platform’s drive. I think I like the LPB 2UBE better. Low end response is distinctly different. Platform’s distorted kick drum sound has a higher tone giving that hardcore sound much sooner. LPB 2UBE distorts with a lower frequency tone and seems to keep more punch. Gonna give that LPB 2UBE another chance :slight_smile:

Maybe I should try some different tubes for it too, hmmm…


I use some bigger buddy to process the Machinedrum the DSI Evolver Keyboard (this guy is super hot) but the desktop version can do the job considering the prices of the pedals I will go with the Evolver his industrial grittiness is one of the many good things he have under the hood


Here’s a demo of LPB 2UBE with MD:

LPB 2UBE drive is set to maximum. Distortion amount controlled with the input level switch and the MD’s output volume. The louder the input signal the harder it will distort.

  1. Machinedrum dry
  2. Low: hi input level switch
  3. Medium: lo input level switch
  4. Max: ramp up to max distortion by increasing MD output volume to max, then back to medium
  5. Add Analog Heat and Eventide Space fx
  6. Take out fx > back to low > back to dry


Sounds good! Interesting!


Analog Drive is really good too. Even better than Heat in high gain registry.

Not analog, but the WMD Geiger Counter seems sick!


Mono, sadly…


I planned to buy a second one, still cheaper than an AH!
Anyway I think it should be used on an individual (mono) output, AH on Master. Can’t wait to try with only one + AH! :slight_smile:

AD as insert with MD input A envelope folower!


How about a Jomox Moonwind? Just happen to have one for sale :wink:


Had a Niio analog track thickener strapped to the machinedrum outputs for about 5 years now. Pity they aren’t still produced.
5 different saturation types, pultec style eq, envelope and filter. Definitely adds girth.


Is that stereo only or can it do mono?


I used to run my Machinedrum through the Torcido and it sounded hot!!!


Stereo, which the iodine core (current expanded model) isn’t quite as adept at as each channel is slightly different on that product.

I have been comparing the Analog Heat with the Niio, and they actually can both do similar things, though the bypass and patch memory of the Heat is a big bonus.


Sounds interesting! Got any audio examples of that?