Machinedrum + analog filter/overdrive - experience


Hi everyone!!

I’ ve got myt MD for a while, I gradually learn it, but i love it yet!!

I was thinking about buy an analog filter, or maybe an overdive pedal… for make the sound more heavy.

What do you suggest? I’ve seen the sherman filterbank 2, the rodec, the RAT distortion, but there are thousands of choices…

My kind of music is industrial techno, so the dirty is very appreciated :grin:

What is your live set philosophy?

Those are pretty cool indeed. I feel like FB2 is an instrument itself, that you definitely have to tame and know by heart to avoid exploding your monitors :smiley:

You might also consider a Strymon Deco, the Tape emulation seems to suit the MD pretty well.


I’ve just seen this on youtube…


Yep, it’s much fun. I would advise to look for a stereo pedal, though.


you could use the compressor and bit reduction and ram machines resampling - have fun


yes, I saw a friend of mine, do it in the octatrack, very good tips.

To be honest, I don’t like very much the MD distortion, I’ll chek the stymon Deco, maybe in series with a proco Rat is great combo.

The sherman sounds cool, but to experimental maybe…

I’m looking for a specif task, I already got the MD to mess with


Minifooger drive is very good for this kind of thing. I remember AndreasRoman posting clips of his OT running through a pair and it sounded amazing. Mono only tho.


I really liked the distortion from my Filter Factory on the MD…the EHX LPB 2UBE might be a nice choice as well.


Get an Oto Biscuit if you can find one. Analog filter, distortion, and so much more. I love it on the MD (or anything really, but it takes the MD to another level).


My Deco lives on my AR. Though I don’t love it’s distortion; saturation is nice.

Stereo distortion/FX: Sherman Rodec, OTO Biscuit, T-Resonator…all good stuff.

But the RAT: love it. Surprisingly versatile.


guys, something like the Rat in addition to distort the sound, give it more presence like the sherman, moog filter ecc… or is limited to only distortion?


If you like the Rat, you’d better solder yourself a distortion or fuzz stompbox…
TechniGuitare has some pretty good kits, and it’s such a pleasure to play with stuff you built yourself !!


I’ve had my eyes n ears on a Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz to feed certain outputs on my Rytm. They sound brutal in the best way possible!


Deco is an obvious one.

Check out the Zoom MS-100bt.
It has stereo input/output, but also some emulations of classic fuzz pedals and other FX as well. You can chain FX to find your own sound, and apply a gate to tame the noise.

I prefer it over the MS-70cdr, as some of the bass pedal emulations are not available on the MS-70cdr


I am currently running my MD through a vermona retroverb (spring reverb and kick ass filter unit with very nice overdrive)

  • couldn’t be happier… the deco didn’t quite do it for me as I felt it was compressing too strong in the higher drive settings so you’d loose a lot of headroom


From the demos i really like the sound of the oto biscuit, but… I’m looking for something that brings warm to the digital sound of the machinedrum, with the biscuit’s bit crusher, I’m scary about it sounds even more digital :confounded:

or I miss something?


This thread inspired me to experiment a bit. Ended up running my MD through my SansAmp British (Marshall character analog distortion/cab sim) with some really excellent results, after some tweaking. Mono-only, but sending it to a short-duration stereo delay (Timeline) opened it back up again.

Also tried it through my Boss GT-10 with less inspiring results. So hard to dial in nuanced overdrive within the COSM world. Great for effects though.

Would love to try with an EHX Micro Synth - those things are great little sound manglers.


I run mine mainly through the rodec for a smooth sound. If I want to be edgy I run it through the minimoog voyager filter. One day I will do some sessions running it through the analog keys filter. My rodec is my throwdown filterbox because it’s the most musical. The voyager filter gets muddy to easily and I end up getting to agressive with it.


I’m using RAT deucetone, it’s adds so much to the MD.

here is an example


i have one of these but havent hooked it up to a drum machine yet.

this thing is a monsta and very different to any other fuzz pedal i have used. for one, the knobs are backwards. no issue there, just takes getting used to.

i love the x1000 gain switch! btw, if you tweak the settings right it will make its own sound (self oscillate?). i played around for hours with it hooked up to nothing except itself, a delay, and reverb pedal. should have recorded it! nine inch nails soundscape type stuff!