Machine Drum used by established artists

yeah, Boiler Room :smiley: Lovin the concept; never really went into the show unfortunately :frowning:

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how do you kno? :flushed:

I found out about the MD and Elektron from an interview with Goldfrapp about 12 years ago.


I saw him talkin about it in an interview about his album “traditional synthesizer music”

I believe he mentions only using it for the sequencer on this album, clocking the modular, but he’s definitely used all of its functions on past albums. I’ll go down the you-hole and see if I can find the interview for ya


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Because Richard Devine told me at NAMM last year, and then I confirmed it with Aaron later on Facebook. When he made TSM he was only using one MD, but since then he’s found his other Analogue Solutions midi to trigger module so now he’s using two MDs for 32 tracks out to the modular.


Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle/Chris and Cosey and Carter/Tutti.

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And voila…

It’s in the question: What sequencers are you using? My favourite artist and also emptier of bankaccount because those videos made me look into modular.


chris liebing for techno here in a interview speak about the MD that is the starting point of his creative process he also talk about ultra low freqs.

toby neumann


i’d be interested in some of these examples if you (or anyone else) can list them. would be a good way to hear the internal synth engines in context.

Thom yorke… Machinedrum on the desk, left to the Dj mixer.

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A known example, but here is a photo I took of Sean Booth during the Autechre Quaristice tour in 2008 (London). Machinedrum and Monomachine in use -


Sean who ?

Sean Booth (just updated my post)

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genius at work

Yeah that Quaristice tour stuff is masterpiece (also in context of MD/MNM usage)


Check Youtube, search for “machinedrum minimal” or something like that:

Here are three examples:

The man himself @JustinValer did great Live Sets with it as well:

They all share that classic Minimal Techno Flair only the MD could deliver :smiley: Professionals used it too; i actually linked a Video in here already, just have a look. Other professional Producers just mentioned that they used it back at that time, but i dont have examples - i read that in magazines or on the Net … but thats long ago already.


What Knife album do they use it on?

Many people say that they used it on Silent Shout and recognise it on Shaking the habitual too. I’ve never owned a MachineDrum so I can’t really tell. I remember seeing a pic of a machinedrum on Christoffer Berg’s Instagram (their producer on the first album), where he stated that he used it a lot on Fever Ray’s album.
Some say they use the monomachine too, but this is less sure.

If that’s true, then what the hell am I doing?!

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