Machine drum sampling handle

someone can try to explain me how the sampling memory can be handle to have free space and try to sample more material in one samplebank?
I have a md Uw with +drive, but i can only make like 4 or 5 really short samples and the memory of the bank is full…so whare i’m wrong?

UW MKI 2.0MB of sampling memory
UW MKII 2.5MB of sampling memory

RAM is very limited. You can save samples to the +DRIVE.

2.5…but even in +drive seems to be limited if i take chords only 4 or that put the samplebank memory to 100% and i can’t sample in that bank no more…so i can’t reaload more than 3/4 chords in a single song…it’s correct?

I meant save the samples to the +DRIVE, without using them in the bank, in order to keep them, but freeing RAM overwriting them. Not convenient.

You have to free RAM. Apparently you can see what’s left in the Sample Manager. Remove some ROM samples.

I make copy and paste from the P1 that i have record from the sample bank…but seems the samplebank memory run out…or i make a wrong method to copy samples from the RAM to the +drive

I think you have to copy the sample in another bank, then delete the sample in the active song bank.