Machine drum not working right in song mode

I am learning song mode on the MD. What I did was take a pattern and set it up in story edit to repeat 4x. When I hit play on the MD, it works fine.

The problem is when I send it clock from my E-RM, which is what I need to do. When I do this, the MD plays just fine but it stops after 1 rotation. It will not play the same pattern 4x anymore. I double stop to reset each time I try this as well.

Any ideas, workarounds? I have the basic MD MK1 and flashed the last OS to it.

Double-check whether the MD is set to respond to incoming MIDI clock messages.

Ok i will. Wouldn’t it be if it already is starting when i start my DAW/E-RM though?

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Not necessarily. In order to answer your question, I searched the forum and found one example from a few years ago where an expert user had suggested this as a solution to the same problem that you are describing.

Appreciate your help. Unfortunately, I checked and everything is set to On on the MD.

OK. Next troubleshooting step: post a photo of your MD’s screen in Song Mode.

Sure. Here you go

I see there was no answer to this issue. I have the same problem - First row is playing only one single time and then jumps to 2nd row. 2nd row is playing the correct number of times.
I’m on X.06 and assuming it’s a bug I have asked about it there.

This happens in my MD only when it is in Song Edit mode. When the MD is out of Song Edit mode, and still in Song mode, repetitions are honored. My MD is using X.06, but if I’m not mistaken, it behaved the same way in 1.63, although I could be wrong - I’ve always used my MD as my main clock source so i hardly had to deal with this issue.

Thanks but here it happens out of song edit mode too.

Yep, I take it back, it’s acting strange, not just that repeats are skipped but the song starts at odd positions, no matter how many times I hit stop to reset.



IDK if this is a bug or not, because if my MnM is in song mode, has a song that matches the MD, and the MD is in song mode as well, the MD syncs to the MnM MIDI transport perfectly. I can set the MnM to play from any row in the song and the MD syncs up nicely (i.e., if I tell the MnM to play from row 010 and the MD has a row 010, they both start from there). It is only when I sync the MD in song mode to the MnM in pattern mode that things get all chaotic.

In my case, it seems that when the MnM is in pattern mode, the MD in song mode doesn’t know the actual position of the song, starts playback from wherever, and ignores some MIDI transport data, in this case, reset data…

So funny that I’ve never noticed this before.