Mac Mojave and C6 not working


Hi guys,

Elektron did not yet update C6 to Mojave standards right?

I wanted to do a sysex send but it’s not working after my update from high Sierra to Mojave.



The last thing you want to do, running any kind of music software, is upgrade to a brand new MacOS.

I only recently upgraded to High Sierra. I like to stay one cycle behind. It avoids headaches.



In what way is it not working? What happens when you try running C6?

Apple is warning users that 32-bit apps (like C6) will not work in future versions of the OS, but I would be surprised if C6 did not run in Mojave.


For what it’s worth, I just downloaded C6 v1.51 and installed it on Mojave and it launched without any complaint. So it runs, at least.


Seems to be working fine on my AnalogRYTM MKI w a new MacBook Pro in Mojave. The ARYTM is the at latest Beta software for use w Overbridge.



this worked great, my C6 stopped after the OS update. Thanks!


good stuff - i’ve never had c6 bail on me - so maybe it’s something to look into further, it ought to work - both applications are handy (as is Snoize’s MIDI Monitor)