M8 Tracker

Thanks for clearing that up

Or an m8 stompbox

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I received mine yesterday and I am already in love!

I’ve been a bit tired of exploring new gear the last couple of years. My latest purchases haven’t been used that much and I’ve preferred to spend time with the stuff I’m already know. So the M8 was a “risky” purchase for me. But somehow it just made sense very quickly. And I notice muscle memory has already kicked in. I don’t remember what hotkeys I’m using, I just do what I want to do without thinking about it. I haven’t made anything that sounds good yet, but unfortunately I cannot blame that on the M8. :slight_smile:

I have a lot of experience with ProTracker on the Amiga, but not on the Gameboy. So some concepts are different. But I have messed a bit with a NerdSeq eurorack module. I assume that belongs on the same “branch” of the tracker family tree as the M8. So that probably helped me get started quickly.


Update: this thing has taken over my life completely. Everything else that needs my attention gets neglected now. I might just end up on the street in a cardboard box, but that is fine, the M8 is battery powered.

I still just make nonsense, but have a blast doing so. This one is the most elaborate so far. Using just the onboard synths, no samples:

Sounds better if you pretend the gif above is a music video for it. :slight_smile:


#1694 here, waiting patiently…

My main fear is that I’ll neglect the awesome studio case I’ve just finished building because of it… Pocket sized and battery powered means that I can take it anywhere, it’s really something difficult to resist :smiley:

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anyone who doesn’t get on with theirs I will gladly buy it with real human money. thank you please.



Looks swweeeet as.

I’m just glad it’s quite expensive or else I’d be really annoyed I couldn’t order one. I’ve bought a retro handheld console and rocking LSDJ for now.

If you get a teensy (~$25-$30) you can run M8 headless, it’s very easy to set up! You can control it either with a gamepad, numpad, or regular keyboard.

Depending on what your retro handheld is and if it runs linux under the hood, you might even be able to run it there!

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I have been very tempted to get a linux based retro handheld for this very purpose. I think if it has the correct usb port, access to a command terminal and a browser I think it should work. It wouldn’t be too bad just dangling the teensy off the handheld.

I haven’t dived in and tried this yet, partly in case it doesn’t work and partly out of guilt for using a cheaper option instead of just paying for a real m8…

But yeah setting up a headless m8 on a laptop is really easy and a very good thing in its own right.

Yeah, I’m using headless for now to see if I like the workflow + features, but if I end up falling for it I’ll probably try to get an actual hardware unit. The fit and finish looks really good!

Otherwise if I don’t like it enough to justify the $$ for the standalone unit (trash80 said the price will be going up) I plan on mostly using headless with the Steam Deck I have on preorder for Q4/Q12022, otherwise I’d definitely be looking at some of those cheaper linux-based handhelds. I think there are some good dongles out there that might make the “dangling teensy” a little more manageable too. I’m on the hunt currently for something like this, but micro-usb to usb-c, and then it should be easy enough to print a teensy enclosure. image

Yes an adapter in that style would be very handy, I have been keeping an eye out for something similar, because dangling off the side of my laptop at home is fine but it would be annoying if I did ever take the plunge with a handheld device. But yeah the real m8 is the ideal solution :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually, the whole ecosystem Valve/Steam has around remote play is great for a temporary m8 handheld. If you have a desktop machine in the house that is always on you plug the m8 headless teensy into that, add a “non-steam shortcut” for Chrome pointed at the headless web client, then remote play to it from your phone with a controller attached and then the m8 audio gets passed back to the phone, all at pretty low latency.


Yeah, works pretty good!


I want all to get their pre-orders…so i can order one for myself. Want this so badly its silly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m with you there!

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is that an audio clip of you opening the box? :joy:


Bought a magnetic cable so don’t have to futz with the micro USB. Recommended :+1:

Edit: link hereLINK

Just from eBay (Australia)