M:S 1 bar behind when syncing

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I read in this thread that there are errors occuring, when the OT is sending program changes to the M:S. Unfortunately, the thread just stopped in 2020, without a real solution.

I’ve encountered the same problem today, I wanted to setup the M:S in the Time-Scale-Setup to TRK, so that every track can have different lengths. When doing so (and changing from e.g. pattern A1 to A2 on the OT) the M:S was exactly 1 bar behind, then it changed to the desired pattern.

The program change setup is correct if I’m not mistaken, it’s occupying channel 13 on both machines, nothing is set to auto or whatever else may cause issues. Funnily enough, when I change the Time-Scale-Setup on the M:S to PTN and have it as the same length as the OT master’s length, it works just fine. It’s an okay workaround, but I’d really like to have different length on different tracks, so I was maybe wondering if anyone got around this issue or if I’m simply overlooking something.

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I’m pretty sure it’s a known, and unfixed, problem that if the model:samples is the receiver/slave, and you use Mode TRK on the scale setup, then it WILL be one bar late.

That was certainly my experience with M:C as sender, M:S as receiver, and the fix(workaround) is to set the receiver to Mode PTN. I Think that’s all you need to do as a workaround.

Here’s my thread on the subject.

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I’d forgotten this, but Elektron support have acknowledged there’s a bug, about 18 months ago now.

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Seems like you’re not the only one who has forgotten about it :slight_smile: Thanks for all the info, bibenu!