LYRA-8 Organismic Synth (for soundscapes, FXs, pads, complex textures)


I’m not attempting to achieve emulation, but something interesting which is loosely based around the concept.

Schematics would work for me, but that info does it too I think - thanks!


SOMA labs are doing some great work. Their new drum synth is now up for pre-order! Nasty stuff!


I think there could be schematics around, because the Lyra 8 is also available as a DIY project. Maybe you can find some.


How long is the wait list for this currently? And who are selling DIY kits? :slight_smile:


probably 6-8 months, maybe even longer. same for diy…


Depends where you live … on stock here …

DIY to be ordered directly from Vlad Kreimer at SOMA web-site


It’s very quick now, barely a month.


waiting my diy kit since January


Awesome! Thanks. Just need to sell some euro now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was talking about the standard, manufactured one. I got mine in 3weeks or so.


Not to rain on a parade, the internet is so polished. Cool and orgasmic yes, likely a fabulous drone confection, but I wouldn’t confuse it with ambient. This last mention is likely superfluous as there are many a logarithmic programs already proficient with this intention. Again, I’m always surprised at the very positive reactions (many from people I’ve known in youth, who must have experienced a second coming), or some such, or just from being an old fart experiencing too much comeuppance in my relatively short span of time, and ever forward…
Many purchases (my bad) before a company had more selection and less marketing was, as alluded to, my bad luck. May it serve you well.


can I ask how much you ended up paying as total?


They have a factory in EU now (Poland) so no more import taxes. It ended up being exactly what was written in the email, 664,20 +29€ for shipment. Outside of EU might be more expensive though.

@Nathane what are you talking about?


great, thanks


Good question. One that I get frequently, enough so as to include a statement, ‘please take with a grain of salt’. Rather then deny a certain dismissal of internet dialogue in general, as I do quite out of hand…my diatribe are results I’ve had with a misunderstanding of e-instruments. My experiences (limited, thanks to theft, money, and age) haven’t been so great as my imagining. This opinion landed on your remark randomly…apologies.

Drone machines, without the detail of the LYRA-8, are under $100. Ambient or generative sounds are often logarithmic apps these days. Though the thread doesn’t really describe the sounds which I’ve looked into of late, I was being my usual argumentive self, having stayed with hardware the most inexpensive variety, and not being an engineer, should be of little concern to the reader. I made remarks with no other measure then personal failure, so criticism is justly deserved. I look at music in the electric genre and entertain the thought that, hardware examples of the sort accomplished with a turntable and mixer, are unattainable. Perhaps a more concerted effort at engineering (where I’ve had pathetic dabbling) is where it’s at or a more savvy view of electronic music would serve me best…on and on.

Typically derogatory, which I did not mean to express exclusively, should followed by a an alternate or companion offering. Interruptions in my workflow remain in my imagination, and what is stated is likely the forgotten balance one prefer. Thanks the time you graciously took to read…no offense meant.


ps neither has the art of a more imbued system of relating worked a way to more succinct remarks such as the rest of the thread. doubtfully adding anymore elan or clarity, but the attempt was made.


I love the way you express your thoughts. I’ve read your last post about 5 times now and each time I arrive at a slightly different interpretation.


djx…many an edit, though very kind a thought.


I wish there was a little more directness of communication, I feel like they could be a fifth as long and didn’t require five reads to make a guess at intention.


True. But there is something about the poetic flow of Nathane’s answers, his/her phrasing and choice of words, that made me feel like I was listening to a monologue in a movie or a play from some classic that I never heard of before. I dont know why. It just resonated with me.