LYRA-8 Organismic Synth (for soundscapes, FXs, pads, complex textures)

Looks like I’m going to have one by this weekend. Stoked.

sick :sunglasses::ok_hand:t3:

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I think the main thing is the fact I have such a short window to actually use my gear due to looking after twin 2 year old boys full time. The Lyra really needs a few hours to sit down in peace and experiment. I’d love to put it through the Sound Toys Bundle 5 fx and record the output but the chances of that for me are slim these days. I like a synth I can just turn on, go through some presets and tweak from there, more instantaneous results.


Me too :slight_smile:


Congrats, new soon to be owners!

Y’all know what it is and what it isn’t but you ordered it anyway, which makes me think you plan to make music/sound art that I’ll want to hear, and I can’t wait to hear it!


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Daaaamn. I feel like I’ve taken something and need to go and lie down. It really is an experience to behold. I’m lost for words.

How the hell I’ll gets this into my music I don’t know, but it’s been worth it just for the last two hours.

Head. F@@@.


you will find a way

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Lyra in the house. Bit of mods already :slight_smile:

Lovin’ it. Thanks for the hookup @jesse3242


Very nice with those red knobs!

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Can someone please tell, those who have seen it irl, which of these pics are showing the most realistic shade of green that a green lyra-8 really have? On some pics it seems to have more blue in others more yellow.

Still can’t decide between the green and white! :sweat_smile: This is hard!

You sure those are the same items? They have two green devices. A lime and the pacifist. Nm. Pacifist looks way darker

Correct! The pacifist is a darker green, RAL6013 (ive found the code on Soma’s FB)


The Atom Heart Mother Control Room is a shade of mint green/seafoam green (haven’t found its color code).

I don’t disagree, but to some that is the beauty of it. I mean, for what it’s worth EVERYONE can pick out the sound of a 303… this in itself does not make it “bad”. It could be considered a one trick pony, but if it’s done well… who cares? Look at the 303 - people are still using it to death. To me the fact that the Lyra has such a distinct sound makes it all that more appealing. To each his own though :slight_smile:

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Distinct sound is not a problem! Never is.

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So when people talk about the Lyra being impossible to control or not being able to repeat sounds they are talking about the fact that they haven’t yet learned to control it or to repeat sounds. Like any proper instrument, it takes a while to learn it and even longer to master it.
The Lyra certainly has a very strong, identifiable timbre, but it is only really limited by the person using it.


I believe this could be the case and bc of that i ordered it to see if i can use it.


Call it trolling, but I can’t help but note what a change in attitude in just a few weeks. From “limited trash” or whatever you called it back then… to shiny new treasure…

Where i said something similar to “shiny new treasure”?

I was speaking in metaphorical terms, not literally.

PS. Stop taking things too seriously

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