Lux Libra [raw to delicate techno shenanigans]

Up here for listening are recordings of me, jamming on the A4, Rytm, MD, Eurorack and some analog bits and pieces (Syncussion, Rytm, Microwave1,FS1R).

Straight 2ch. recordings, no editing, no polishing

These are ment as capturing of moods, rather full on edited and overthought arrangements.

I would love to have some feedback from you and hope you enjoy listening!


uploaded some new stuff

woudl be happy about feedback

listening to the list in the background as i relax on a sunday afternoon … so far my favorites are #6-9. nice vibey ambient techno, which is right up my alley tastewise. reminds me pleasantly of tracks i’d hear on’s mixes back in the early oughts.

i’m listening through cheap speakers, but fwiw there are a few spots (midsection of sketch 7, for example) where i think some of the higher-pitched percussion is mixed a bit too loud. that’s the only thing i’d suggest checking if you decide to polish these up and multitrack, as i hope you will.

following you on sc.

Eeee, this is lovely. Not normally much of a techno-bod but I really enjoyed listening to this.

thanks for your feedback! as i was starting listening to electronic mid 90s like you, there were quite plenty of good netlabels with ambient/techno like thinner and autoplate from germany. i gues i was influenced by them, and many others. nevertheless, you are right as for the high frequencies coming in too loud/harsh. this is when tweaking goes a bit out of hand… .maybe ill polish the recordings and track them down again.

thanks mate, means alot when people like music outside of their hometown :cowboy_hat_face:

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There will be more after the weekend.
In the meantime…enjoy whats there.

Great stuff here. Thank you for your work.

I’m sitting in the studio right now, you are right about the high percussion. Some of it actually is to loud, pretty nasty needles and shards there, ouch.

Other than that - very well done.

thanks for your feedback!!

You are welcome.

To all the others: Check out this guys stuff, it is absolutely worth your time. Great atmospheric, dubby techno tracks that deserve to be listened to!

These sound lovely. I’m on crappy internet right now so can’t play them reliably, so am partially writing this as a reminder to myself to come back when I have a better connection and listen to more!

Love the atmosphere on number 7. Inspired me to try a similar vibe.

Microwave 1 :smiley:
Your setup looks nice.

A jam from this night. Started by trying out the new DSI Pro2 update (lin. FM) and ended up in balancing to some other gear (Avalon for Bassline, MD for hats, Matrix 1000 for pad, Mbase11 for kick)

enjoy and feeback welcome


These are great! I especially like #8.

My only “critical ears” feedback would be that the “hissyn noisy damaged tape” effect that seems to be pervasive on the master mix is probably too music, and often doesn’t allow the nice air in the minimalistic music breath - since it is ever present. I’d just drop it all.

These are live performances direct to tape? Awesome! Do you perform these out at venues? If so - where? So great to see others do this kind of thing live!

Thanks for the Feedback mzero. Yes, the hiss is too loud. Maybe due to some hearing problems on the left ear after a bike crash…another story. But for some specific vibe i love hiss, crackle etc. I did sample some runoutgrooves from my vinyls for this. I do sometimes play live, which means totally live without computer and reprogrammed patterns. I love this, but mostly I work in the studio. Sometimes with a friend. I’m from freiburg, Germany.

Another jam I did some nights ago


Here, an actual jam. (MDUW, MBase, SH101, Modor, Matrix1000)

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I miss the fancy Fasnacht-covers… Aren’t there any more of them?

There are some…left for my next recording :slight_smile:

here is one for the mean time - “little curious one took on a ride”:

will have some new recordings this week (hopefully soon, besides work and kid)

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@dubmo - those photos are great! I just Googled Fasnacht, it looks great fun. And a rich source of curious images, clearly.

And diggin’ the first jam! Inspiring stuff :+1:t2:

Here i am with two more jams - enjoy and comment :wink: