LUFS - streaming into the galaxy

I swapped it for dpMeter5 about a year ago and really like it


usually as long as it isn’t hitting 0 you’re okay, it’s very common to release masters to streaming services anywhere between -1db and -0.1db, the loudness target you reach can affect this as well cause of true peak.

basically just don’t want it to be exactly 0 cause there might be slight overs on streaming services

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these are the tracks i did yesterday. See values in yellow. Is max momentary and m. short term in LUFS something to consider?
Skärmbild 2023-11-24 055832

What audio volume is correct?
Correct for what? There are hits from the past that play gorgeously at -16lufs and recent hits that reach -6lufs…
The answer to this question is “who cares about lufs”

The answer is actually pretty simple as far as LUFS go. You should get it as loud as you possibly can without destroying the sound. What destroying the sound means is dependent on the genre. No mastering engineer I know shoots for a specific streaming target.

Now in space.
Thanks for all the advice and information.


There’s a limit to your LUFS, like a waterfaaall in…