Louder Than Liftoff Silver Bullet

Thanks! Please do report back once you’ve had it. Good or bad, I’m sure it’ll help other people too.

ok, will do

Oh… I forgot to mention one thing… feed it a -18dBFS level on the MIX inputs. That’s where it seems to be most happy. Depending on how hot the mix I get is I’m usually gaining it down a few dB in the digital domain prior to going out to the analog chain.

Also, read the manual. It’s pretty short and sweet but provides some good info and examples. PDF version is available on the LTL site if you haven’t already seen it.

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I’m intrigued by your setup. Are there other units besides the ones you mention here? What sort of stuff are you producing with this setup? Can’t wait to hear what you come up with when you get all the pieces in place. Cheers.

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I have other nice synths I love, but I really like keeping it simple with the Integra-7/Squarp combo. There’s something about how everything sounds so good together coming out of the Integra-7 that I really dig. I’m a huge fan of how the Supernatural drum kits sound with a bit of humanization and velocity randomization.

I plan on making Techno, Hip-Hop, and House beats with this rig; I’d love to share when everything comes together! I appreciate the interest in what I’m doing.

Did you get it? If so, what do you do you think? :laughing:

Ha, I actually haven’t even tested it yet. I wanted to rack it up with all the other pieces I ordered, but I’m still waiting on the Stam compressor, and the walnut rack I ordered just arrived last week. I had to return a Furman power conditioner that arrived damaged too.

I plan on finally messing around with it all (sans the Stam compressor) as soon as my replacement power conditioner arrives next week. I also have a Overstayer MAS at the end of my chain before hitting the Korg MR2000.


Super late reply, but man I love this thing. It brings so much to the table, and every feature is quality. The EQ is so effective, this thing is awesome!


Very cool! It’s a keeper for sure and I’d be a bit lost without it. Glad you’re enjoying it too!

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