Lost with live recording


Hi, I have read the manual and done some research but still can’t figure out how to solve what should be a trivial issue.
If I hit live record, then hit a note for a long time (to create a bass) then hit stop recording. The sound that’s recorded is a very short note.

What did I miss?





Do you hold it so long that the pattern loops in between hitting the note and releasing it?


Hi, sustain settings are high, I held the note long enough for the pattern to loop back. Anything else I could have missed? Thanks


Try releasing it before the end of the pattern so the sequencer records the note off event.


Thanks, will try that


Bass as some sort of drone in the back?
Try the release time to infinite (i think it’s midi 127) - that works for me mostly of the time :slight_smile:


Yes some long dark bass (just 1 note). what time do you mean? time sig?


Oh No sorry i was unclear… in the ADSR
Use the releasetime to infinity:)
Maybe you set the note stealing settings so that no other track can steal your bass :muscle:t3:


Ah I see, but I want the note to end at some point, like a fade. Will try when I get back home, thanks. Also there is no other track for now, just a bass on T1.