Lost my digitone project

The following has happened twice

I find the presets project useless so deleted it and saved my most used project in its place.
I basically only use this project, occasionally i’ll save a copy in another slot, but not every time i work on it.
One day i had a look at some other projects.
I go to load my main project (the one in slot 001) but it is now called presets.
i load it and none of my stuff is there, instead its the preset patterns.
i start laughing uncontrollably
i do a little dance then crumple into a heap on the floor.

Project slot 001 is restored to presets whenever you do a factory reset. Save your own work into other project slots.

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I didn’t factory reset.
But yes, I will no longer be saving in slot one.

…with the demo preset project it’s a bit of a voodoo zombie returning thing on pretty much all overbridge capable machines…
worst is model:samples…don’t try to oversave this one…always returns somehow in mysterious ways, even with no ob talking option…

so always and on all +drive machines better to start from scratch elsewhere but not in first directory slot…

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Sorry to hear that you lost your work, I hope it wasn’t too many hours!
If it’s any consolation I cant imagine that there is anyone that hasn’t lost their work on some level whilst getting to grips with their 1st box! I’ve come to see this as an Elektron rite of passage :wink:

Right, thanks man, i’d love it if elektron actually either made it impossible to use slot 1 or warned you not to ever use it.

haha, yea it was too many hours, i have a backup but its another weekend of patch re-imagining. Lucky its fun as hell making patches. Im only bummed out because im trying to get some gigs happening but i keep getting knocked back.
Yea, i kind of have come to grips with my box (apart from this randomly re-appearing preset project)
im not some noob mashing the buttons.
I’ve read the manual there wasn’t anything in there about “dont use the first slot”
They should just make it so you can’t delete the presets if it re appears at random.

I’ll obviously never use that slot again but man, data loss is nasty eh.
Thanks for the sympathy bruv :slight_smile:

Did you turn off write protection for the presets project, menu: Project/Manage Projects/“Toggle” ?

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Ahh that’s a scunner! Hah I think the Elektron architecture is confusing for noobs and experienced peeps alike. It’s not explicit in the manual but as what @Open_Mike says above, there is a padlock beside the presets project in the project menu page that indicates it is locked.
The manuals are hefty and there is a lot to take in - I’ve definitely read of the same thing happening to other people.
Good luck on the gig front. It doesn’t always seem so easy to find gigs depending on the type of music you play. I found it way easier when I was bashing the bass and guitar!

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They do. Section 15.3 of the Digitone manual.

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No they don’t…
You’re really unhelpful.
I didn’t perform a factory reset.
They warn you not to use slot one if you are performing a reset.

I understand the padlock toggle, it’s not confusing.
In order to remove presets you need to toggle the padlock.
I wouldn’t of been working on a project in that slot if I didn’t understand the padlock concept.
So yes, I toggle the padlock before deleting presets and creating my project.

My project disappeared and became the presets project.
I didn’t factory reset, I simply looked at another project.
I either have a faulty device or they aren’t that reliable in slot one (which seems to be the case according to other users)

As far as I can tell You can’t delete the presets without toggling the lock so unless I was hallucinating the last couple of years using slot one yes I toggle the lock.

what is the command you have been using to save?

Most often func + gear symbol.
Sometimes I save through the menu.

Ahh right I get you now. That does sound flaky, especially if you never powered the machine off when it happened…

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Now the first time it happened I DID power off while it was still saving so I get that, but this time it was bizarre, I literally just loaded a couple of other projects, went back and my project was gone.

I appreciate the help compunation.
I’ve learnt my lesson:
Don’t mess around with slot 001.


Oh and p.s when I said I kept getting knocked back I meant by gear problems not promoters haha!

Aye well I’ve learned that lesson too I guess. I have never used slot 001 until last night, so it was either written differently in the earlier manuals or I read on here to not use it…cant remember but never given it much thought but will stay away from using it.

I would be heavy pi$$ed if I lost a whole project though!

Ahh right ok…semantics! Still, I have been finding that it’s more work to get gigs!

I live in New Zealand.
Getting gigs isn’t hard, getting good gigs is a different story haha.