Losing your kitty co-producer


I lost my four-legged BFF to cancer recently, and I’m absolutely crushed. Sixteen years, he had, and a great life up to the very end. He was beautiful and graceful creature and a brilliant and loving companion.

Spending time making music has been been soul nurturing in and of itself as I have been slowly working through the grieving process, but I wondering if others have found other ways to honor their lost four-legged co-producer through their music production.

R.I.P. Gianluca - 2003-2019


So sorry for your loss. He looks like such a handsome boy. Don’t know about the music side but simply time worked for me when my dog passed . Peace & Love.


I’ve always had cats and I feel your pain.

Since you asked about ideas to honor Gianluca through your music productions here are some off the top of my head:

  • dedicate an EP to him
  • use this gorgeous picture of him as a cover
  • print it out and hang it in your studio to both honor his soul and continue being inspired by him
  • if you have the chance - play the EP were he’s buried

That being said, as Cornish1999 mentioned, time will heal your wounds. Eventually your grieve will pass and all that is left will be your fond meowmories.

Gianluca sounds like he was the best companion one could ask for. I’m sure he’s purring and smiling down on you from heaven!


Ah dear, I’m so sorry for you loss. I lost my kitty to leukemia and feel your pain.
I never wrote music specifically in honour of my cat but I’ve defo channeled the emotion of his loss into most of my music ever since.

That’s an amazing photo. magestic


I’m so sorry for you mate, he was truly handsome. I don’t have any specific advice, as other have said, time will help. :slight_smile:


What an amazing picture indeed.
Sorry for your loss of a beautiful housemate.


I have a siberian … I can relate… Bless !!!


@jaschar those are awesome suggestions. i’m naming all new projects using variations of his name and the multitude of nicknames he acquired over the years.


i feel for you bro. it’s such a hard thing to deal with, sixteen years is a great run. proud you had that time.


so sorry. a handsome kitty there. sounds like he had a good life and made yours better as well. RIP Gianluca


I feel for you mate. My little guy (red burmese) went to the big cat donut in the sky this time yesterday and was about the same age.

@jaschar ‘s suggestions are first rate and I’ll be using them to inspire myself to something similar.

Go in strength and paws, Gianluca.


I had a dream tonight , about little cat. Cats are spacial creatures. I don’t have a catfriend, i had a dog, found her dead in a barn, and dig that hole to bury her body in the ground. I was 15 back then, lost my father the year before, never had dogfriend again after that. I am sorry for your pain


Very sorry for your loss. I KNOW what yer going thru.
Ive lost few buddies. Its always tuff. Still is.
But think of the good times you gave him and he gave you. Thats with you always.


Sorry, for your loss my friend. Had to put my guy Rex down not to long ago. I understand the pain. Make some tunes, cook or whatever it is you do to be creative.


I found this searching for some ideas to honor my guy and work through the grieving process. Laurie Anderson is a goddess.



Feel for you!
Furry fam - love them. Not “furries”, that’s totally different. Not my bag…


I feel for you mate. My little guy (red burmese) went to the big cat donut in the sky this time yesterday and was about the same age.

and I feel for you. I know 16 yrs is a good run for a kitty, and I’m sure our kitties had it pretty good, but it’s still a big painful hole.

I have wonderful 8-yr old twins with two legs, Gianluca’s sister, Bella, and a loving wife, but there’s a huge bunch of love that’s missing from my life and household.

I hope our guys are enjoying a meal at the best tuna factory in cat heaven. or taking a well-deserved nap.


So sorry. Beautiful cat. That’s the difficult part of owning a pet, knowing they’ll probably go before you. I’m sure you provided a good home and lots of love, and what else can you do really? Thanks for sharing.

One of our cats is very vocal, I always want to sample her, not sure how that would go though, following a cat around with a microphone!


my condolence my friend. I hope you find solace in these sad days. RIP Gianluca.


Get a new cat, cats deserve good owners.