Loose encoder on MD UW+ MKII

Hi, does anyone know if Elektron still services the MDUW+MKII? I bought one recently but it has a loose encoder which needs repair. Opened a service ticket, but have yet to hear back anything and I have to return it to the seller before Friday should I want to return it. Thanks for any info!

Yep they stopped the service only for the MKI :slight_smile:
Good luck !

I read that as well, but just wanted to know for sure, otherwise I will return the unit. Thanks for the reply!

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Hold onto it, it’s a beast.
Have patience with the support, Rey must be busy but will answer eventually.

How loose is the encoder? Does it skip values?

Yeah, I do love it. The encoder works fine, it’s just that it wobbles a lot and I’m afraid it could become a problem in time. So I need to know it can be repaired otherwise, for what I spent on it, I can find another one. But I really would prefer to keep it and just have it repaired & serviced to play with it for years to come. It is a killer piece of kit.

It can be repaired, and not only by Elektron.
If you’re in EU, it might be relevant to ask Elektron to change all your encoders so that you’re good for years.
If not, maybe find a quality repair shop in your surroundings.
Even if it’s wobbling, it can still wait a bit before it starts to skip values…

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I’m pretty sure they have an Elektron repair shop here in the U.S. Honestly, I don’t have much trust in other people repairing it. And yes, definitely want them to do a full service on it to get it in perfect working condition!