Loopop’s Attack stage hack

Can someone please explain to me how Loopop has achieved the slow attack at 1:40 in his video using the LFO:

My understanding is that he would be assigning a triangle waveform to the LFO, and in theory, assigning that to the sample volume - but you can’t assign the LFO to the sample volume.

How is this done? I’ve watched this section several times, and can’t work it out.


maybe he’s doing it to the filter. when he demos it at 17:30 destination is FREQ. prob set to hi pass.

Yeah, I tried doing that, but I still couldn’t quite get the result I was hoping for, not quite sure what I’ve missed.

I rewatch that section and see if if I’ve missed anything.

ya it doesnt sound like the filter :thinking:

sorry I dont have one. can’t really help

Really? That’s odd.

Maybe lfo in one shot mode to sample start? Can you assign the lfo to sample start?

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Yes, you can. But wouldn’t that just shift the start point as the sample was being triggered?

I’ll try that when there is not an electrical storm happening!

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Huh? I’m on holiday and don’t have my M:S with me, but I’m sure every knob with a LED next to it can be assigned to LFO. Have you tried holding the LFO button and turning the volume/dist knob?

edit: make sure you’re on the latest OS.

Usually on Elektrons all parameters that aren’t setup type parameters can be modulated/p-locked, so I just looked at the knobs and thought about which could be worth a try.

And yes, it would indeed be very odd if volume couldn’t be p-locked and assigned to the lfo.

Try these settings. (In the LFO menu)

Mul 1 is one shot trigger. Destination is volume/distortion and using a negative value gives a slow attack. The more negative the value, the longer the attack phase.

So volume is abbreviated to DIST in the Lfo menu.


I did try the DIST earlier, but just assumed it was ONLY adjusting the distortion, not the volume. Either way, I couldn’t achieve the effect.

I’ll try your settings tonight and see how I go. Thank you. :raised_hands:

(PS: there are a few little labelling inconsistencies with the MS that niggle: for example, in the LFO menu, the Cutoff (as the knob is labelled) is listed as FREQ. Of course, I know what they mean, but still, it should be consistent🤓. Same deal with the aforementioned volume modulation - it should be listed as VOL, not DIST)

Yeah I know what you mean. They’ve prob just chosen the descriptors that best fit. Once you get the hang of what’s what you should be okay. Let me know how you get on tho.

Thanks, I tried your settings Bunker and they worked - thank you!

I used the OS 02 Square Waveform, and it works a treat - I’ve got a creepy monophonic kind of pad drenched in reverb happening. Very cool. :sunglasses:

Thanks again!


No problemo. Glad to be able to help.:+1:

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Just copied and transposed the sound to two other pads, and now I have a fat chord version.

On that note, is there anyway to copy a sound and setting BETWEEN pads/tracks?

When I do just COPY TRACK, it only copies the MIDI notation. :pensive:

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Regarding something you said earlier, the volume/distortion knob isn’t a separate volume and distortion… it just gets very gainy when you crank it, like running an amp into overdrive. It actually bothers me a bit, because you can’t have something loud and clean… it really changes the texture of the sound a lot. That said, it’s a pretty smooth distortion, and a good way to stuff in another feature without wasting another knob.

My understanding (from the manual, I think) is that the sample actually reaches full volume at a knob position of 64, i.e. its amplitude is scaled by 1.0x. Past that point, it scales by > 1.0x, and individual samples will (soft-)clip if they exceed 1.0.

If you want more loudness than that without distortion, that would be a job for a compressor … it’s still clipping, just in a much smoother way. You’d have to run the WAV through it before uploading.

Yes, this is correct. You can crank the Track Level and the signal will stay clean.