Looping ROM samples (MD UW)?

I’m a bit stumped as to how to actually make a sample (say, a single cycle waveform or microloop) actually loop on the MD UW - no trouble transferring samples, setting up kits, etc. - just not sure how to loop a sample - any tips? Am I missing something simple here?

Thank you!

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The loop information is within the sample file when uploaded.
Make sure to have “Loop on” at the bottom of C6 when uploading to the MDUW.


wow !!! i did not know that… what an awesome question and answer!

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Well I’ll be… thanks stuartm, works a charm. Appreciated!

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Is it possible to loop a RAM sample?
Maybe loading a sample with loop enabled in a RAM player?
I don’t know if it’s possible, can’t test, no computer available.
Possible in Octatrack.

maybe retrigger for loops? just checked and MDUW manual says RTRG at 127 is infinite retrigger - don’t know if you’ll be able to get the loop length you want out of the RTIM values though?

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Good idea, thanks, but I’d like to apply a pitch envelope, so retrig doesn’t work properly. I can resample retrigged and apply pitch envelope eventually but it’s getting more complicated!

The idea is to make a single cycle wav with incoming signal (guitar) and make synth, kick, other percussive stuff with it.

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after messing around a bit with using an LFO set to TRIG on RTIM I found there are some possibilities for very crude pitch envelopes given the range of values available on RTIM, and there are some pretty interesting sounds available from this method. I was getting it to produce some very lo-fi type of percussions, which makes sense since the steps on this pitch envelope are pretty big so it’s like using a heavily bit-crushed pitch envelope. Modulating the pitch at the same time as the RTIM also went very quickly to some strange places, and the rest of the voice architecture was letting me handily emphasize different aspects of the raw tone and increase the percussive qualities - but I don’t think I was going to end up with a vengeance kick anytime soon :joy:

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I did that first. :wink:

I did it, needs 4 tracks. OT : 1 track and much better result.

I’ll try other territories with MD.