Looking to use Overbridge with my A4 without the audio side of things

I just want to use overbridge as an editor and a way for me to automate parameters from my DAW, I do all my audio stuff OTB so don’t need the A4 transmitting audio over USB if that’s possible? My laptop isn’t the best and I’d like to avoid the impact the audio might be having on its performance.

When I look at the manual for overbridge, it seems that there should be some settings for turning this off but there are no such settings in my Overbridge control panel… Mine looks very stripped back compared to the pictures in the manual, mine looks exactly the same as this users: https://www.reddit.com/r/Elektron/comments/eaizp9/why_is_my_overbridge_control_panel_so_primitive/

Would really appreciate any advice here!

so, assuming you have your A4 plugged in & in overbridge mode - you should be able to open OB control panel & turn off all of the inputs and outputs (via the switch beneath each channel), then hit “Apply” to save the configuration. that will ensure no USB bandwidth is being consumed for unused audio signals.

interestingly, i noticed when trying to do this on my system (W10) that a message pops up after hitting apply, stating that the configuration could not be applied, and to ensure the bandwidth limit hasn’t been reached (very weird, considering this configuration should consume the minimum amount of bandwidth). i could only get it to apply by having at least one of the inputs/outputs turned on. not sure if this is a bug or by design… but it certainly seems odd.

That’s what seems to be strange about my OB control panel, there isn’t a switch under each channel. There’s just the level meters for the inputs and outputs and nothing more, I can’t really see any reason why this would be a ‘control panel’ because there’s not really anything I can tweak from here.

Seems that something’s wrong with how it’s installed on my computer or something, I guess I’ll try reinstalling it. Thanks for the help though and hopefully I don’t then run into the problem you mentioned after I get this one sorted! :slight_smile: