Looking for FX w/ midi and save prog

Hi !
At the time my setup is :
MD / DN / Quadraverb / El capistan / T resonator mkii.
I want to sell my T Resonator MKII and remplace it by a fx unit with midi, save programme and if its possible programme change fonction.
Do you have any suggestions ? I need warm, distorsion, filter and any strange fx that will be great with machinedrum percussions. (Not kick). By strange fx i mean… as we can have with resonator or modular for exemple…
i take modules suggestions too (if is with midi etc) :slight_smile:
Its for IDM and some dark random beat.
Thanks !

Meris Ottobit ?

Let’s talk. I’m selling one, and I’m interested in the Resonator :blush:.

Also the Red Panda Particle would probably work well for you ? (Really a great fx)

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Not midi and save program fonction. I need a “big” stombox i guess…
I really like the resonator II but i want midi fonction and save program for my MD/DN setup.
My resonator is really new… 1 month, bought new on thomann. So i want to sell it 240€.

I’m unsure if I understood what you are looking for. The Ottobit has presets, and the presets are available via midi. Also pretty much all the pedal parameters are accessible via midi. It’s an awesome pedal.

Also, (but it’s an expensive one) Gotharman FX Deformer is a beast for crazy fx. I don’t know how it handles midi (but I’m pretty sure it does, I have the Gotharman Deformer, and everything is possible via midi)

Boss SE-50 / SE-70 / VF-1 do it all.

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They do midi and there is some cc control
Though I prefer fx where I can use divisions of time / tempo sync

On se50/70 you have to use
Milliseconds… not a massive problem but I’m sure there are newer / more convenient fix out there.

I’d go for 70 if it pops up cheaply ( though never had vf1)

i’m VF-1 owner, and it certainly has note value-based time division in delays and related effects.

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Perhaps a TC Electronic Fireworx.

These are old units and don’t have the most up to date wow factor algorithms, but they are good sounding and versatile.

From the TC Electronic Website.

• Expander/Gate
• Soft Compressor
• Hard Compressor/Limiter
• Resonance Filter · Bandpass Filter
• Phaser · Resonator · Resochord Filter
• Formant Filter
• Drive Distortion
• Cruncher Distortion
• Vocoder
• Ring Modulator
• Curve Generator Synth
• Chaos Generator Synth
• Noise Generator Synth
• Single Voice Pitch shift
• Dual Voice Pitch shift
• Classic Chorus
• Advanced Chorus
• Classic Flanger
• Advanced Flanger
• Stereo Delay
• Dual mono Delay
• Dual Three Tap Delay
• One Tap Delay
• Six Tap Delay
• Reverse Delay
• Reverb
• Advanced Reverb
• Simple Tremolo
• Advanced Tremolo
• Simple Panner
• Surround Panner
• Stereo Enhancer
• 5 band Parametric EQ
• 4 band modifiable parametric EQ
• Feedback Send
• Feedback Return
• Insert Send
• Insert Return

“Routing Blocks
Setting up effects-algorithm blocks in the FireworX Routing matrix is extremely easy. With a double click on the effect block panel buttons, you insert the effect type chosen with the Value wheel. You can change the order of the effects, repeat certain blocks, add feedback loops and even insert an external device. Choosing an effect block and pushing Enter will bring up the Sub Routing I/O page of the chosen block. You can decide on where the chosen effect will get its fuel from and where to route the power. This way you have exactly the same flexibility in connecting the effects as if you had a couple of external effects-machines and a patch-bay.

The number of processing blocks in a Routing setup is only limited by the DSP-power consumption. It is possible to monitor the percentage of each block, which is convenient when constructing complex routings.

Modifier Matrix
Looking for versatility and unlimited possibilities? The Modifier section of the FireworX is the key to versatility. Only your imagination is the limit here. Think of any possible way to combine modifiers and effect parameters, and make it happen. Creativity brought to work - all made possible by the FireworX.

Available in the Modifier Matrix page, is the constant set of internal and external parameter modifiers. 8 external control inputs (e.g. assigned to MIDI), and 8 internal modifiers like e.g. ADSR’s, LFO’s, Envelopes + more. These modifiers can be assigned to control any parameter appearing on a list at the right of the display. This list is unique for the current effects-combination at the Routing and Edit pages.

Like in a patchbay, simply connect virtual wires from the desired modifier to the parameter that dynamically should be adjusted.

An example of an internal modifier is Freeform. Actually this is a tiny sequencer that allows you to create a more “rhythmic” sequence than e.g. an ADSR. This is very useful if you want a Phaser or a Tremolo to act as a percussive sidekick to a breakbeat”

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I need a unit that i can directly connected with my MD and DN. I dont use pc to make sound.
What i want is that when i send a programm change from my MD, the DN change program and the fx unit change too. I need a unit where i can save a lot of program and call it with my elektron gear.

I will definitely look !

You also need an fx unit that doesn’t cut off the fx when there’s a program change if you plan to use it like that.


Indeed !! I dont know if the unit i want is possible :slight_smile:
What about h9 max ?

@LeioS Do you know if the fireworx can received a program change message ?

On the SE70 and the likes, there is a blank when switching presets, no ?
i had one, but it was long ago, and at that time I wasn’t using synths and sequencers.
After reading here, I am now consideing getting one back for synth purposes :smiley:

Meris pedals do. There are only a limited number of presets (16 I think). But all parameters are controlled via midi.

H9 do too and are very nice. you can save many presets. H9 only allows using one fx, you can’t stack multiple fx in one preset. All fx parameters are controlled live via midi.

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Ok i dont see the midi on Meris… i will looking !
And do you know if it can received program change ? (Meris and h9)

I’d just note down which fx to use , avoid program change
That way you don’t have to worry about fx cutting out.
I typically just find nice fx and stick with that in any tune. Anything weird I record long stems and drop into octatrack

I think so. There’s a fair bit of info out there regarding the Midi aspect.

Mentions that you can also use a footswitch to change presets.

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Thanks @LeioS !
I will read the manual and listen some demos.

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Good luck finding a demo ; )

@LeioS hahaha yes i just try… pity.
Have you ever tested one?
And apart from H9 max and this one?