Looking for advice - getting alerts updated RYTM firmware is incompatible


Hi Elektronauts,

My apologies if this has been discussed already, I was not able to locate a discussion on this particular issue. I am just coming off of maternity leave and getting my studio up to date. I recently updated my Mac to the latest OS and am running the latest Ableton 10 as well. I updated my Analog RYTM MKI to 1.45 and updated to Overbridge 2.0. Now I am getting alerts that say my firmware is incompatible and I need to update my RYTM, so I did a double check to be sure and reinstalled all of the updates (except my OS, hopefully that’s not necessary), but it is still happening. Is someone familiar with this issue and can point me in the right direction to solve it? Many thanks for your time.


Overbridge 2.0 is a public beta that requires a beta version of the Rytm firmware:


ok, i will check this now. thank you. I actually was getting the firmware alert on the previous version of Overbridge, which is why I updated to 2.0 because I thought it would solve it. Hopefully this works!


looks like it worked, thank you :slight_smile: