Looking for a sub mixer and comp for drums. Any Recommendation?

I’ve been looking for a sub mixer and a comp (prefer analog) to mixing drum with parallel compression from 3 different drum machines. Shoot some advice. :slight_smile:

  1. Elektron MachineDrum SPS-1 MK2 - Mainly use its main outputs then sometimes it will go into Deco. But think it will depend on the sound and track. I mean I can use separate out then eq it and send some of the tracks to Deco.

  2. Roland TR-06 - no individual outputs.

  3. Third one - probably will not have individual outputs. (Volca Beats for the snare )

In the end, the drum mix will go to the preamp (planning to buy Warm Audio 273/273eq) and then to the final mixer (currently got Mackie 1402VLZ4).


Prefer analog.
For a mixer, it’s enough to do its job.
For a comp, can only go up to warm audio, art pro, fmr level in monetary terms, but open to any recommendation. Maybe can consider replacing the main mixer with SSL Six then can use 1402 for a sub mixer if it makes sense.