Looking for a great synth for leads

Might be worth mentioning what put me off the NL4 keyboard at least - they removed aftertouch from the keyboard! I use that a lot for lead vibrato on my keyboards. Frees up the mod wheel for filter adjustment, pulse-width modulation etc.


I have to agree with the Sub37 nod. I have an OB6 and it fills a different space. Your OBXa, I’m curious about.
Personally, I put the OB in stereo to my mixer and the the Sub37 is always mono, and therefore creating, IMO, even more separation.

Not to sure about the comments regarding the punch and “in yo’ face” sound that the Sub doesn’t provide. I consistently find myself dialling the multidrive and the external feedback down (ext. feedback was recreated in the Sub37 because users of the Model D used to whack the headphone output into the ‘external input’ to drive the circuits even more).

That said,
Never tried a Nord but goddamn wanted to.

Alternatively, the RYTM has 4 Dual VCO’s that can provide many a sound. Atm, I’m finding the synth dials + filters + amp pages to be very explorative and expressional.


I had a sub phatty and I agree, it being mono separates it well in the mix. I ended up selling it for a slim phatty to conserve space (which I forgot to mention). I didn’t mean to disregard the phatty, I guess I forgot to add in the original post I’m just looking for something a bit more digital to complement the ob and little phatty. They are very analog sounding

Indeed … :wink:

  • Virus
  • Blofeld
  • Digitone
  • Yamaha MOD X
  • Waldorf Quantum

Mono leads: Toraiz AS-1 or Moog Grandmother
Duophonic leads: Dreadbox Erebus or Nyx (have a Nyx V1 on the way)

Juno 106 for “in your face leads”? no. it’s a more mellow synth that rounds out or provides the foundation for a track, and sits in a mix well. it’s less about massive wailing leads. good bass synth though.

Pro One can certainly do in your face sounds and leads, and it’s fun for sound design. pretty notoriously crappy build though. I think the Behringer clone might even be a step forward there (though I’ve read conflicting reports).

personally I would choose the Korg Arp Odyssey for this task. it’s quite deep and flexible for sound design and you can get both deep bass (with the 24db filter) and searing leads out of it (12db filter). for the latter, using osc sync or ring mod with some osc modulation will really cut through a mix. plus it’s easy to find a used/cheap one, and you can re-sell it with likely no loss, should you not like it.