Live with Elektron machines


Hey guys, just uploaded a live set I did two weeks ago in a bar in Paris on my Soundcloud!
It’s all done with an Octatrack controlled by a Launch Control XL, a Digitone and a Model Samples, a Space Echo as a send effect and an EHX Platform on the master.

Here is the link:

Can’t wait to read what you think of it!


You had me at “in a bar in Paris”. :heart_eyes:

Great set, very musical with interesting melodic ideas and nice flow. Definitely enjoyable for the entire set.


Haha, dream venue for any serious musician :wink:
Anyway, thanks for the kind words!


Played it in the background while doing other stuff.
Nice lounge music, fader-transitions & ambient flow throughout.
Job well done!

EHX pedal, very interesting.
(+USB to Din adapter for the Control XL?, Octatrack as the master/clock? +midi thru device/daisy chained?)



That’s exactly why I used this “one pattern” setup, I wanted to have nice fader transitions between my track instead of more abrupt pattern changes.

Yes, I used a Kenton Midi USB Host, the Octatrack is the master clock and midi is chained from Octa through Digitone to Model:Samples, all the sequencing is internal.