Live techno jam


Gritty, driving, spiritual techno - live jam
TR-09 via A4 (filters and overdrive) and Rytm (compressor only) - sequenced by DT
VirusTI2 into AH
Lots of glitchy Octatrack live buffer manipulation
no editing - stereo mix into recorder
Elysia Compressor


Would love to see this in a live perfomance!

Could you elaborate how you exactly do the glitchy parts? Are you using flex machines and programmed steps? What exactly can be controlled live? Thanks.


Hi and thanks so much for listening! I will definitely do a video version sometime soon and extend the performance.

The glitching - I used a flex machine that uses a recording of 4 bars from the main output. I have setup a template let lets me seamlessly switch scenes between “live output” and the “recorded buffer loop”.
The flex machine has trigs locked to the sample start position, retriggers, pitch alterations etc. I also have LFOs controlling bit reduction/filter on the main output, and used the scene-switching to increase the LFO depth.


i love this! love the floaty lead


Thankyou! it’s the first thing I have posted in a couple of years, being a new dad


Dads rule! (obviously). Really smooth one!


Thanks for the explanation. I am always hesitating to prepare trig locks like this because I am telling myself that this is “not enough live”. I definitely have to try these things out and see what needs to be prepared in advance and which parameter I can still play live by scene swichting or crossfader control.