Live Set at Full Moon 24.07.2021

I played like 5 gigs now, this is the first im really proud of and i’d like to share it with you fellow elektronauts.
roast me, compliment me, ask me=)

i played in a farmhouse on top of a hidden hill in germany during wich we had an orange full moon that morning (around 6am). finally a whole weekend afterhour with good ppl…


Sounds good! I’d be happy with this at a party. Where was the Zoia in the chain, OT Cue send-return?

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Dayum, this is groovy. Fantastic work, my friend. The energy in this is remarkable. Top stuff.

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Hi glad to hear that

it was set up as follows:

A4s individual outs to the K-Mix and send tru aux bus to Zoia. Zoias stereo back into A4s input.

A4 into AB of Ot with lil bit compression and dj eq

AR into CD with spatial and dj eq

The Rytm got two trhu tracks.
one for the mono
and one for the stereo image, both had an spatialiser on it and dj style eq

the stereo image of AR got further treated with a neighbour with filter( for the filter pings) and additional delay ( wich i sampled a few times and tweaked further)

all truh are on the right side

OT tracks 1-2 were for looping etc
3-4 i used for clap and snare

pretty overkill for the AR but i love to send kicks to reverb and delay. so i seperated M/S for more clarity / less mud
i think this kinda techno needs this reverb and delay on the kick( elements) its afterall not just a simple kick it is rather a groove.


Great to read. And I definitely believe all those detailed setup decisions translated into how detailed and good it sounds, the set!

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