Live sampling with other BPM

Hi guys,

I am trying to figure out if the OT is a future device for me. I want it to be the centerpiece in my live set-up. The OT will be my clock. But I want to live sample from old LP-records on a pick-up. I know the BPM of the songs on the LP. I want to sample on the go like a 64 step loop in the BPM of the sample and the the recorded sample to be warped to the tempo of the OT. Is this possible? I know it can be done the other way around, but thats not my intention. Thnx in advance!

Yes if you start / stop the recording manually…
The recording can be played, timestretched to the sequencer tempo. Under certain conditions, a recording can be played / modified as soon as you start the recording.

AFAIK for correct auto tempo guess, the original tempo has to be between 85 and 170 theoretically. I experienced it differently with 80.7 - 161.4 bpm.
You can set the correct tempo manually.

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