Live record mod wheel PB data from external keyboard?

Pitch and mod are not p-lockable for whatever reason on mine. I’d appreciate it if they were!

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Hello, I’ve had the DT for about a week, and have enjoyed making a study guide for the manual (hah) and jamming out. Midi implementation seems to be tripping me up a bit. I have a DX7 and a DW8000 I’m trying to sequence with the DT, and while I’m aware that there are limitations regarding the lack of CC on older synths, I was hoping to live record playing on the synths and save mod and pitch wheel movements on the DT. I can do this no problem on Ableton, it saves all my pitch and mod wheel info when I play. However when live recording from the DW8000 to the DT, it doesn’t register my pitch/mod movements at all. Is there a function in the midi sections I’m missing?

I’ve also tried to go back over existing midi trigs and live record pitch bends using the dedicated knob on the DT’s midi channel, and while it more or less works it sounds very “steppy” and not at all like the real pitch bend wheel. It is also difficult to get it to spring back to “0” like a real pitch bend wheel would. Maybe this is nitpicking but I like pitch bends a lot and would like to use them if I make a DT controlled set. Thanks for reading.

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I have the DT Keys and it doesn’t register pitch/mod either.

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the sequencer (of all elektron machines) only „records“ velocity as far as i know…

aftertouch, pitchbend, modwheel and so on can only change the sound „live“ but not be recorded in the sequencer

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I can still wish!

+1 to this. Wish I could at least get soft midi cc through, so that i can control my prophet from its own knobs, while it’s in a midi loop via the digitakt. I’m gonna try merging the digitakts through signal with it’s out signal, but I’m afraid i could get infinte midi feedback loops. Anyone tried this kind of setup?

Yes, that does work. MERGE OUT AND THRU.


There is a problem with this solution if you use the digitakt to route your controller to different destinations depending of the tune. Which for me is an excellent feature (not really usable because of those DT limitations).

If for example you use Midi Track A to route on channel 1 or 2 depending on the pattern to control synth 1 or synth 2, your notes on/off will be on a certain channel and the CC on another one.

That’s why, for me this solution didn’t really work.

to me is really ridiculous to devo te to an external merge box what just few lines of code in a new firmware could fix.
I wonder after all of these request what keep elektron devs busy with than just an easy fix

really disappointed… if somebody wanna swap its mpc1000 i am ready to ship my digitakt


So frustrated to have discovered this limitation. The inability to record pitchbend or modwheel data from a connected MIDI keyboard is sad. It is even sadder that the DT can’t at least pass pitchbend and modwheel through for performance. The lack of these things makes the MIDI sequencer part of the DT so much less useful than it could be with this very small change. I very much doubt this is a huge engineering challenge, so PLEASE Elektron, help us out with this.


Is there a way for us to know if this is even being considered in a future firmware update? I’m also very interested in this, it’s definitely an unnecessary limitation.

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I don’t know.
Had similar issues.

OOF This is such a bummer - Am I really considering buying an $80 Merger JUST to use pitch bend with my setup ???


This seems like it should be such a simple fix…

Please Elektron let the DT pass Pitch and Modwheel data to our synths!!

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#MeeToo #SecondWeekWithDigitakt :frowning:


+million on PB & Modwheel passthrough

EDIT: forgot aftertouch


+another million plzzzz


Pass through would be fine if it’s not possible for the sequencer to handle this data.

But also, make the sequencer able to handle the data :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow. No CC pass through yet? I’ve been using my iPad as a source for LFOs and other cool things and the only limitation is my DT. :disappointed: