Live Midi Recording is not working

Hi there,

When I am sequencing my DSI Tempest on the OT by placing trigs on the sequencer everything is working fine. Tempest is a slave, OT is a master, all is connected as it should be (I believe), however, when I am trying to sequence Tempest in real time by pressing REC and PLAY button together on OT, even when the live midi recording is on, nothing is recorded to the OT when I am playing notes on Tempest.

Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, please?

Many thanks!

Let’s check this out: tell us what MIDI connections you have made between the two instruments (and anything else in your setup).


Sounds like the midi out channel from Tempest > OT is not correct

MIDI Out from OT is connected to MIDI In to the Scarlet Focusrite 18i20, then MIDI O from Focusrite is connected to MIDI In to the Tempest.
I use Ableton which is slave, the same as Tempest. PLAY on OT starts Ableton and Tempest. In the Ableton I have a midi track set to the same midi channel as in Tempest and OT (14 in this case).
In the OT in MIDI settings I have send and receive on plus send on in clock.

Ok, I connected Tempest straight to the OT and it is working.

Is there a way to achieve the same result with original connection?

if the tempest has a midi thru you can go:

ot > tempest > focusrite midi in (via thru from tempest)

this way you can control/slave ableton and tempest from ot - and even use ot with tempest without switching on the computer

edit: just checked, and tempest has no midi thru :sleepy:

edit2: in slave thru mode tempest forwards mmc and clock midi messages to its midi out - so kind of a soft thru :thinking:

Ok, I have it.

Tempest midi In > OT midi Out
OT midi In > Tempest midi out
MIDI clock out from Tempest via USB.

Thank you All for your help! I really appreciate that :ok_hand:

Just last question. Is there any MIDI quantisation if recording live? Some of the notes from Tempest has been cut.

It was not the last question…

Now I have a polyphony issue. Tempest is capable to play 6 sounds at once as it has 6 voices. When I place a trig and I add 4 different notes on OT’s sequencer I can hear 4 of them.
When I am playing live and let’s say I press 3 notes they are properly recorded on OT.

The problem is starting when I don’t press all the sounds at once. So if I play C5 plus C6 and C7 but C5 is hold all the time while I am playing C6 and C7, then C5 is not recorded at all.
What could be the problem? Is it just how midi works? I am midi noob so please, forgive me.

This is normal. It’s not a linear sequencer, it’s a step sequencer and the chord must start and end from the same step, you cannot stagger onset or completion of individual notes within a step.


Ah, oh, I see.

So everything is working perfectly fine now.

Many thanks for you help!