Liquid D&B bass hardware recommendation


Hey really thanks to all;
@SIM80 all suggestions are welcome, it’ll be useful for sure.

I really aprecciate all these info, recommendations & ideas; by now, a lot of people say DN will rock in liquid bass kingdom… :grinning:
I’m going to focus the next days only building different bass patches in DN and see where it gets. Before DN I usually have done basses (for liveset) on DT using waveforms & Massive samples as some said, nice sound but not-so-nice live performance; if DN kill it for me it’s ok to combine these two working methods in the set depending on pattern/song needs.

And of course those posted vids are going to keep me multitasking at work haha

P.S.: Will comment when tried all this stuff.


fun to see how someone of the old school dnb can be made and logic looks tidy. so he has ableton live to move samples from? :thinking:
and he lived up to that he likes to make music and not the other technical side of it too much, dat master clipped like it were a rastafari flag. still he got more bars done in 13 mins than i get in a week


Yeah I noticed that too although he does toss a Pro-L on the master so everything is being pushed into a limiter. And also said that he tracks everything out and runs it through his outbord for mixdown. I thought it was interesting how he high passed his drums so that his reese bass line sat just perfect. Anyways to @mutt I hope the digitone gets you where you need to be. Haven’t tried one but it’s on the list!


If you have Ableton 10 suite a lot of the dance music drum racks have an HPF macro knob built in for this task too. But practice HPF until you go blind doing it.

It was cool to see how we was just building things through layers of audio for the drum parts instead of playing it out with the keyboard.