Line 6 HX Stomp works well as Looper control and FX

Hi all,

just some info that others might find useful. I’ve been using a Line6 HX Stomp multi-fx pedal for a while and only just discovered it has a MIDI command centre feature that lets you program it to send MIDI notes or CC commands via 5-pin cable. (I should have RTFM sooner!) Works really well for hands-free recording with pickup machines (or flex machines) on the Octatrack.

Obviously it has a ton of great effects and amp simulation which is why I got it, but this adds a whole lot more possibilities.

The HX Stomp has many other functions that look promising but I haven’t explored yet:

  • has MIDI in to sync delays with the OT
  • can receive to Prog Change so you could change effects with pattern changes
  • has a 2nd set of stereo audio inputs that could be used for a separate synth or as an FX loop from OT CUE outs
  • it has USB audio so you could send things to/from your DAW

Hope that is useful!

OK line6 you can send the freebies to me now haha
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Good point! I use that as the main pedal for gigging (we’ve continued rehearsing online since March with Jamkazam) and it completely slipped my mind about its midi capabilities as I was recently shopping for a foot controller for the OT. Great little box that Stomp.


Yes, with OS 3.0 the switches can send midi, and even control HX Stomp looper’s functionalities, not available otherwise (a midi cable between in and out).

Btw I didn’t try the Hx looper since last update, but the beginning of overdub was truncated (confirmed by another user).

I had freezes sending CCs and clock to HX (from OT). I decided to disable clock receive…
I hope this has been solved, so no hurrah for me if not…

interesting… I hadnt tried sending midi from OT to HX yet.
I see they have released OS 3.01
Will update when I get a chance


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So you tried MIDI command center ? Can you send several CCs with 1 switch?

yes I set up 2 switches to send 1 Midi note each for Pickup Rec/Dub/Rep and Play/Stop. I dont think you can send more than one Note or CC that way…

But the manual says “up to six “Instant” commands can be transmitted automatically
when an HX Effects preset is recalled” So you could perhaps use that function and have several presets with different CCs. (midi command settings are saved per preset, not globally)

what magic can you achieve by sending several CCs at once??

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Stop a recording and play the associated Flex.

I had a look, there’s a min / max, so you can use @avantronica’s trick, allowing you to alternate, play / rec with 1 switch.

Connecting external midi controller - #12 by avantronica

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very clever. thanks for the link!

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