Light or Dark?

What do you think about spiritual position of gears and companies?

My picks:
Roland / light
Korg / dark
Digitone / light
Machinedrum / dark

I think many musicians got extra sense for transcendence and same for gear makers. Think about Soma as an example…
Even if you think it is just an object without soul still enjoy the game where others talk about their spiritual relation to instruments :slight_smile:

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Behringer - Dark


gears and companies are maya (illusion).


Korg is “dark”, huh? Well, my MS-20 Mini does lend itself to aggressive and menacing tones.

OTOH, my Korg M3 didn’t get the memo. It’s default state is glossy and bright :rofl:

Stolen from Reddit


…i love instruments where it’s up to me to decide which vibe their ray leads to…
but most of the times it ends up darkish, no matter what i use, no matter what i do…

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Thats my problem with Digitone its so into light

Oh it can get VERY nasty. It’s a much more ‘futuristic’ kind of nasty though.
get some operators below 1, some above 10, loads of feedback, drive, fast operator envelopes, modulation etc.
It’s tougher to get nasty and musical at the same time though, granted.

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Well yeah but nasty its not same as dark for me. Dark has some specific timbre and drive or distortion just make it dirter not darker IMO :slight_smile:


This was the video that convinced me to get a DN, I’d class this as dark but not nasty?

Edit: I mean I can’t get close to this myself, but I know it’s possible :wink:


Yeah i know that video its great and dark but what i mean is that DN is for me straight light out of box. If i want dark colour sound its too much hassle and diving and not easy to do. In my head it like if you want drop top for your car you can cut the roof but its not the same :slight_smile:

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Novation Peak is Dark IMO for example