LFO -> Velocity


Is it crazy to think that if you could set the LFO destination to Velocity, you could modulate 4 different parameters with the LFO?


I don’t think that would be possible. but let’s see


I can’t recall Velocity as LFO destination. There’s a dedicated vibrato instead.


No, I know - you can’t do it. I’m pointing out how great it would be if you could. I made a feature request.


You’re right. Sry.


Nah. Velocity is not a sound parameter. Rather a control to influence sound parameters.

LFO to Vel would be like a tree effect. Or like ticling an octopus. :grinning::skull_and_crossbones:


Ahhhh, but you miss my point! If you look at the synth engine velocity options (function + synth, I believe?) , there are four modulation destinations, each with positive and negative ranges. If you could forgoe the typical velocity -> volume usage, and instead use the LFO to cycle the velocity, you could have LFO controlling four parameters instead of only that sad little one parameter. Could be bonkers…


Tickling an octopus is exactly what I’m after. Let’s say on octopus with 4 legs.


There is the LFO to Accent, that should do exactly this for accented trigs. However I never got it to actually work. Have you?


Only just got around to trying it. No, that LFO dest doesn’t seem to work. =/

I did see, however, in another post a nice idea about using an external LFO to control a performance via MIDI, so that might satisfy the thirst for mayhem.


it’s not gonna happen imo. Velocity is technically part of the pattern, not of the kit/sound. It looks like in A4/K/R OS only parameters which are part of the kit/sound can be modulation targets. Not that it would be impossible to code this, but the engineers seem to have made this distinction and it’s likely that they will stick with it.


I’m sure you’re right. Still, it’s odd that the LFO destination of Accent exists but doesn’t work. Could have been interesting…


yea seems accent has a fixed set of things it does to the sound. Makes it a bit louder, but also opens the filter slightly I think, and maybe something else…

not sure it can work - they said that there’s only one LFO per track due to processing power being used up - but maybe they could add multiple LFO destinations at least… I.e. double press the LFO button to open a screen similar to the one where you choose velocity mod targets - but this may possibly conflict with the ability to p-lock the LFO destination. In any case, it would grow the storage space for sounds/kits by a few bytes (6 bytes per sound, 78 per kit, nearly 10KB per project excluding Sound pool sounds). For some reason storage space (not sure if RAM or disk space) seems really, really tight on the AR, evidence is that they chose to store the one byte per sequencer step that’s necessary for trig conditions into unused bits across three other trig parameters in the pattern. So imho, unlikely that anything will be added which requires any more storage space, unless there’s some reserved space that’s been planned from the beginning or something… conclusion: dunno. /nerd out


Well, not exactly.

Accent is Velocity. When you Accent a trig, it changes that trig’s Velocity to the level specified in Accent. I know you know this, Void, but I’m spelling it out for the sake of the thread. When that happens, it looks for the values set in the Sound settings, which are Velocity -> Volume (yes/no), and the 4 Velocity mappings. Those can be mapped pos/neg to nearly all of the same parameters that LFO can be mapped to. So if the damn LFO -> Accent actually worked, and you set the Trig page’s default velocity level to 1, LFO could make crazy time with 4 parameters. I would think. But anyway, it doesn’t work. Probably an unfinished feature? Dunno +1

FYI, I did notice that Accent doesn’t work if the Trig page’s default Vel value is set lower to the Accent value, in other words it will only Accent up.


it does work, but i’ll grant you it’s rather subtle to put it mildly (possibly more obvious on some machines than others) :wink:


What!? How are you getting this to work?

I also think that the accent = velocity, therefore it should be bound to the vel mod matrix settings, right? at least, this is what’s happening with the accent trigs…


I get it to work in the sense that it is possible to hear a subtle accenting when accent trigs are placed … then… dial back the accent level to a low value and target the accent level with the lfo

there’s a clear (if subtle) difference when the LFO amount is raised and is affecting only those trigs subject to an accent (and above zero level)

it may be helpful to allow a bit of headroom on the synth and track levels so there’s a bit of room for the accenting … but it is subtle … possibly less so on other voice types

but, e.g. on a hat, even varying the accent level directly between 0 and 127 there’s not a huge spread of variation - so little so IMHO it may be worth checking it is working as intended with elektron - but it’s certainly one of the least used parts of my AR


ah yeh you guys are right… on trigs, the accent looks like it raises the velocity, which totally affects the vel mod parameters. But an LFO to accent will only change the “hardcoded” accent parameters… which sounds like it’s mainly volume and synth decay.


Hmm, I guess I need to submit a question wrt to elektron. I need clarification from the HQ. Let’s see how they respond.


yeah - the source of this confusion lies in this aspect

manually tweaking accent level for a sound with lots of funky vel mod settings gets very obvious

the level of accent does not seem to be affected when targeted by the LFO in the same way you would expect

so - I chose a poor example to try to begin with, but there was a tiny accenting that was controllable by that level - but nothing like the variation you get when setting up vel mod creatively - so maybe there’s a problem in the os or in our expectation of that destination at our end