LFO panning

Something I assumed would be quite easy, but somehow I can’t figure it out:

What I want is this: I have a note every other step, and use the LFO for balance so it switches at every step (LRLRLRLR…) .
Closest I get is using a Square , setting the LFO to Hold, Speed to max and Mult x4 , but every once it a while it skips a beat, so it isnt really in sync.

What would be the correct way to achieve this?

I’ve p-locked each step left or right before, tedious but gets the job done. When I want more random panning I’ll use a fast LFO to give something some space.

If the steps are equally spaced it should be trivial with an LFO, if not then it’s probably easiest manually as mentioned

@avantronica , steps are equally spaced, but I cant get the LFO to sync

the rate is linked to tempo in a musical way - I think the rate relationship is the same for the OT as per A4 etc - so info here will help

Use a square wave and use Hold as you stated - set rate to suit

alternatively set up a custom LFO shape and find the right rate so it’s working for you

@avantronica thanks. I didn’t know how the speed and multiplier interacted, but I have it working now with speed 32 + mult16x