LFO DST Dialog Timeout

Ive searched the manual/google for this and maybe im using the wrong phrases…

Is there a way to edit the length of time that the LFO destination menu is active for?

i.e. while a pattern is playing, if you turn the DST knob on the FX-LFO page it pops up a list of destinations which you scroll through to hear how they sound. It will audition each one for a few seconds and then exit unless you keep scrolling. Often this is not long enough get a proper idea of how the parameter is sounding. Is it possible to extend this audition time or eliminate the limit altogether?

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I don’t think there is a way to extend the time in the lfo destination list.
You’d have to assign the lfo destination if you’d want to audition it for a longer time.
Then just scroll down to the next and assign that one etc.

seems a pity to have the audition feature and for it not to allow a ‘decent’ audition…


I agree. Sample select preview is also pretty short. I d rather have it stay indefinitely and only revert back if i press no.

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Drives me mad sometimes. Open a ticket, I’ll do the same. Maybe in a few month it will becone reality.

1000% agree. The timeout is way too fast.

Personally I don’t get why there needs to be a timeout at all.
Let us experiment and make up our minds whenever imho.

PS: my comment relates to a Digitone but I assume it’s the same.