LFO doesn't start without a trig


Hi, I have been working for two days on a track using a LFO on a midi track modulation a CC, and today I powered up the OT and the LFO didn’t start in any of the modes, including “free” mode. Then I put a trig on the 1st beat, and it started working in all modes. When I removed that trig, everything worked fine as before.

To make sure this wouldn’t happen later on live, I put a trigless trig on the 1st beat of the pattern. But i’d like to know if this was another user error of mine, or something else… seems weird enough to post (I searched the forum before, but couldn’t find a answer to this specific question)…thanks!

Subsidiary question: a trigless trig trigs envelopes and lfo’s, but can we select a specific envellope or LFO to be trigged? Or am I all wrong once more :frowning:


I think it’s normal that an lfo doesn’t start without trig.

I made a test in midi mode, I could start a FREE or a TRIG lfo with a trigless lock, not suppose to trigger lfos. A trigless lock don’t triggers a ONE lfo, but a trigless trig does.
Trigless trigs trigger all lfo types.
I didn’t test them all. Weird enough.

In audio mode, trigless trigs can control FX1 / FX2 envelope only if you activate it in AMP SETUP, with R+T or TTRIG.

Trigless trigs seems to trigger all lfos, trigless locks don’t.


Thanks… what I find weird, is that when I removed the trig that made everything work as I expected, it still worked, thus, without any trig at all!


Not that surprising when you know Thru machines can also work without trigs, even with a new part with a new machine instead, until you place a new trig to change the machine…


Testing required for specifics but I’ve noticed this, it seems the lfos don’t run until a trig kicks them in, but after that they just keep going, on AR too. I’m pretty sure after they are running a trigless lock won’t reset them, but a trigless trig will…

I’ll also point out there’s this option in the settings, I don’t know if it will change the starting of the lfo behavior but just pointing out that it exists…


I have noticed this behavior also applies to CC messages, not just LFOs from the midi tracks.


This post might help:

And when the sequencer is running I don’t think OT will send the cc’s for a new pattern/part until a trig is reached, and OT only sends CC values if they are different from the last value sent for that CC.


Actually not near my OT, so I need to ask (too curious to wait):

Is a sequencer trig required (which would mean to start the sequencer or at least a track) or can you initially start the LFOs also with manual trigless trigs?

([FUNC]+[TRIG9-16] when not in recording mode)


A trigless trig without trig? :loopy:
So without sent midi note and sample triggering?

I guess it’s possible in midi / chromatic mode, with a note with VEL = 0.

Concerning audio tracks, I don’t know what you can do with a lfo without playing a sample anyway.


No, no - not that complicated. Just use the key combo I mentioned in my post ([FUNC]+[TRIG9-16]). Just like you would manually trigger track sounds, but with holding FUNC …

But I wonder if this will start the LFOs, too.

A few days ago, someone posted a video performing ambient music on the OT without the sequencer involved (no patterns, no free running tracks etc.pp.). With longer stems this is quite easy, but with short samples it’s quite a challenge to make something interesting.

The base idea is having long hold and release time on (looping) samples, effects like reverb with feedback, manually triggering track sounds, manually triggering trigless trigs (for FX env restart) and use a lot of scene magic with the crossfader.

It’s marvellous how far you can go without any preprogrammed trigger (without the sequencer). That’s actually one of my private science lab projects :smiley:


Fn+Trigs 9-16? Is it supposed to do something?
You mean Trigs 9-16?
It acts as a red trig or track + play, so it triggers lfo too.



When NOT in recording mode it’s a manual trigless trig.

From the latest OT manual p. 68:

Trigless trigs can also be trigged manually by pressing [FUNC] + [TRIG 9–16] when not in any RECORDING mode. The track corresponding to the [TRIG] key pressed will be affected. This is good when wanting to for example trig the filter or the LFO but not the sample.


Ok, I didn’t know that, so I guess it can retrigger the lfo once you played the sample.


Yep… Trigless trigless trigs… Just hold function and press a trig. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And yes it works. :wink:
Not sure if I’ll use it much, but good to know!


Thanx for the confirmation. Well, I think it can be used as quick hack solution for the problem described in/by the OP (LFOs initially not running and nothing to trigger them pre-programmed on one or more tracks).

Just hit all 9-16 TRIG keys while holding FUNC to initially (and SILENTLY) start all of them up …



I used this in chromatic mode, not in track mode.

Not sure it works for midi tracks…as @pinup57 was using a midi lfo…


It should work in chromatic mode on midi tracks to trig an lfo, not track mode though… Haven’t tested…

For clarity in track mode and on the midi side, trigs 1-8 trig plays free audio tracks, trigs 9-16 trig plays free midi tracks… Chromatic mode should launch trigless trigs (function held) without sending a note.