LFO destination: samples

Suddenly I got interested in the model:sample

However question: is it possible to use the LFO to select various wave files from the ram memory?

I like this feature in the digitakt a lot.

Sample slot isn’t a destination for the lfo unfortunately.
You could make sample chains and randomise start parameter to get similar results and also by locking different samplechains on steps it opens it up further too.


Ok. Thanks. Making sample chain will do for me. If I understand well 120 samples will snap the exact start position of each sample.

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Yeah that’s right, 120 samples :+1:t3:

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The LFO is a float and will not select samples correctly on 120 samples chains. Really sad as it would be an amazing generative groove machine if it did.

I create my own random/ambient/glitch/clicks-type sample chain, but just create one one audio file without using the OT sample chain software. I end up with 30 second clips of gapless random, and that generates great unpredictable modular-style sequences with the LFO.

For more precise passes along 120 length chains, best to use locks.

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That’s a really great idea! Going to make some weird samples with the new Fractal Bits app now!

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Looked that app up. Looks really fun. Thanks for the heads up!

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