Leploop V2 - help please



I just bought a Leploop v2 – manual is very confusing. Would appreciate any direction where I could get some guide/help/tips programing this little box.

I undertsand there is a certain element of ‘chaos’ to it, but cannot work out a starting point/position.

Please note I am not very smart, speak slowly and clearly as I’m Australian.

my thanks

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Ive considered buying a leploop for ages, but never pulled the trigger as There is very little info and demos to be found.
How do you like it so far? Able to get some useable sounds?
Would love to hear it if you’ve recorded anything with it!



Slowly getting my head around it. Certainly nothing else like it. Intend to do some video demos shortly.


Awesome, looking forward to the demos! From what little info Ive been able to piece together, the sequencer is quite a ball ache. And the manual I found to be less than helpful…


I had a v1 on loan from a mate which I never really felt I was in control of pattern wise- If I had have been Id have kept it as I loved the sounds and form factor. Be interested to hear whether the V2 is more controllable or less (I have a feeling its the latter based on things I’ve read).


Glad to hear your impressions TiB. Did you do any recordings with it, that you wouldnt mind sharing?
On paper it seems like the perfect groovebox for me, but Ive yet to hear a really convincing demo. And the infamous sequencer leaves me doubting.


I did have but it’s long gone Im afraid… you’ll just have to imagine the sounds I got from this little tag team:

[url=“https://flic.kr/p/9HM1Ej”]FxCam_1305487129646 by [url=“https://www.flickr.com/people/8184890@N02/”]sonofprent, on Flickr


I should also reiterate that as much as I liked the sound, the sequencer was the reason why I didn’t buy the thing in the end- if I felt in control of it I would have done.


Man, a chimera and a leploop, that is indeed a crazy combo.


Are you making any progress on the leploop? Do you think its a keeper? Id be very interested in your thoughts on the sequencer, if you got any:)


Slowly making some progress. Sequencer has 2 parts (analogue and digital) although they share the same ‘interface’.

Definitely a mind of its own at times. As far as I tell so far (with all due respect) it wouldn’t immediately favour people who need to be specific with their note/pitch results. Simply because the Leploop uses a sample & hold, LFO or noise source to ‘capture’ note info for the sequencer. You can enter pitches via a menu matrix but there is no keyboard on the unit – there are CV inputs and MIDI input - but I haven’t tried these as yet. I’m sure with some more time one can familarise themself enough that it can yield more pitch specific results. They way it’s designed is to promote a sense of spontenaity, me feels.

Great for someone like me who is not fussed by convention and would not call myself a musician as such.

Sounds wild, it’s all analogue and very tweakable.

Will post a video during the week and intergrate the Leploop with me A4, 606 and Devil Fish or something like that.

Long term - might do an instructional video when I’m confident with it.


Thanks for the info, much appreciated!
Yes, the lack of " standard scale pitch" is something I was aware of (its quite apparent in demos too), but Im not to bothered about it. Would you say its quick coming up with new sequences? Can it be done on the fly?


Each of the four instruments has 4 sequencer tracks per instrument you can access/save. You can also edit length, groove and direction on the fly. Might be a little trickier at first editing the pitch scale on the fly - once you get a thorough understanding of the box (which I’m not just yet) it’s possible to use the S&H/LFO for some interesting results.

The Leploop is designed to be a live performance instrument, that’s what appealed to me orginally. Generally speaking I don’t use a computer as a performance or compositional tool… snap shot below of the little fucker photographed in it’s natural habitat.

Check my Youtube channel and will pop something up soon.


Sounds really cool. Just wish the little bugger had headphones out and battery power, that would certainly push me over the edge.
One more question though, can it do polyrhythms? I.e. Having different sequence length for each instrument?
The live thing is really appealing to me too, I prefer gear that I can turn on and just jam out something from scratch.

That is a really nice collection of grooveboxes you’ve got there, totally my kind of setup; instant and jammable. Gonna check out your YT channel right now.


Yeah def poly rhythms on the Leploop, each track can have a different length and groove (swing). That I can do easily!


So how did it pan out with the leploop in the end? Did you get to grips with it?


sorry mate, I did mess about with the Leploop a few weeks back, but haven’t recorded anything as yet. My new video has the leploop in picture (top left) but didn’t feature in that jam.

will try and get something up in coming week or two.


Thats a pretty cool jam, though!


Did you ever get round to this? im pretty curious about the synth as an analog drum machine but i literally have no idea what it actually can do!


Sorry mate, not as yet. Will punch out a video in about 4 weeks, but can’t say it will be instructional.

It’s pretty wild and can be rather random. It doesn’t fit the norm or comparable to anything I ever come across in 30+ years!