Lend us your ears

My mum was a lot of things but never a drum machine :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, if this new box is an equivalent of MD id rather have an equivalent of Mnm tbh… even for drum sounds


Is this the most legit pic so far or another fake?

the knob angles are a bit weird… the horizontal angle on the bottom row isnt the same as the top row…


Sorry :grimacing:

I really want it to be a big new thing, but I’m always sceptical.

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this is really an absurd thing to complain about…

Another fake, apparently - read further up the thread and also on this thread: Elektron Syntakt Trademark Speculations

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Because of lens distortion. Seriously guys. This is top notch render.

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That could just be from the proximity to the light source (real or rendered)…

But yeah I’m thinking this isn’t it.

I am relatively sure the picture hasn’t been ‘debunked’ so to speak.

That’s just the same picture already going round deepfried slightly

(no confirmation whether real or fake, just speculation right now)

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It better be fake

It’s a hell of a mockup lots of obscure labels

If it’s real or even if it’s not I am extremely uninterested

That would reflect its unoriginality either way

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This is all how perspective works. Everything has perspective depth, unless it’s 2D or isometric. Also, lenses (or their simulations in this case) add their own distortion. That’s why telephoto zoom lens makes your face look flat whilst wide-angle ones make your nose pop. Look, legit DT render.

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Why they didnt use this one I wonder. Easier to modify, either it be oficially or by some random guy

thats my point… look at G and H encoder in this picture and compare it to syntakt… its not just shadow, it looks like they took a E encoder and placed it in G and H… which would be weird tbh. since they already have the correct position on C and D


I’d take that if it turns out to be legit tbh - no biggie if not

My point exactly.

I don’t know if it’s fake or not, but in terms of wording, I’m wondering why they would change names of existing labels:
Master -> Mixer
Imp/Exp -> Sounds
Chromatic -> Keyboard

Why would FX be underlined when it’s not on both Analog Rytm and Analog Four?
(That one button looks really odd to me, especially that would mean printing 2 differents buttons for different machines where they could have a unique one -> extra costs)

And why would the display be different in wording than the previous leak?


tbh that’s the main thing making me think it’s real - that if someone created it themselves they went to a lot of extra unneccessary effort, and then went and messed up details like the logo sizes, screen colour and having red instead of orange LED’s.

I’m left confused either way tbh :joy:


Fair play I see what you’re talking about now, those two knobs definitely look odd.

Edit: I do think it could just be shadows though - it just looks odd, optical illusion

Real or not, I like the colour scheme. Black Oled like the OTmk2 and looks kinda violet/dark purplish accents…
Hopefully we’ll know soon.

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