Korg Volca Drum


It’s alright, I’m just urging caution when it comes to Elektron and future…issuances.

But I also agree with The Guv’nor @GovernorSilver that battery packs don’t count.

Nevertheless, credit where it’s due: at least it’s a step in the right diretion. :smiley:


Actually, it was pulsn who said Elektron was coming out with something, so he should get the credit.

I guess peeps who don’t care how a drum sound is produced, whether by sample or physical modeling/synthesis and are willing to spend a bit more are more likely to lose interest in the Volca Drum as a result, than I would be.


I can’t name one piece of hardware that is portable, battery-powered, and that has per step editing like the Volca Drum.

I would like to be wrong.

I might not be able to hold off until June.

Or tomorrow. Lol.


The Volca Sample has a good and playable sequencer but the Volca Drum has the most recent and advanced version. So for sequencing it’s the one to get.

Don’t hold off unless you have to.


As capable as the built-in sequencer for the Volca Drum is, I think its real strength is drum synthesis.

A nice thing about the M:S is that there’s MIDI out if you need it. I may compose rhythms on one machine, but I also like to be able to play the sequences I’ve created on other gear (hardware or software). The Volcas don’t do that.


Correct. But as you know my use case is quite different from yours (and probably most people, certainly the ones on this forum). :slight_smile: Closest I get to using “Thais thing with that thing” is using the Circuit to play or sequence something else.

I actually think the M:S is great for what it is, but it’s too expensive. It needs to be at least $75 cheaper. I think if they brought down the price a bit more people would bite, but perhaps not enough to offset the price reduction? Who knows. And who knows how much that battery pack will be. I’m guessing at least $75-$100, knowing Elektron.


Ordered. :smiley:


There’ll be a mod, hopefully solderless, for that at some point.


Volca Sample has per step editing. Unless I’m missing a distinction here


Not in the same way that the Volca Drum does. You can’t hold down a step and then just modify the parameters on that step to specific values, or select a step and then modify a parameter to a specific value. I think the closest you can get is by using Active Step to drop the number of steps down to one and then record a motion sequence value into that step.

I would love to be wrong, though. Really.


From the Volca Sample manual…

Step editing mode (STEP MODE button lit up)
The buttons will function as step buttons for the sequencer. Pressing a button turns the step for the selected part on or off. Steps that have been turned on will be played.
In addition, by holding down the step buttons while using knobs compatible with motion recording, the values recorded with the step for that part can be edited and new motion data can be recorded.

… and a bunch of other overlapping goodness. The sequencer on the Volca Sample is one of the best things about the instrument. I also like the sound character too.



Hoping I get ten minutes today to try that!!

This is why you shouldn’t read gear manuals (or buy gear?) when you’re pregnant. Lol. Nothing sticks!


“Juneuary” :joy:


Guilty as charged.



:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you! Between confirming my stupidity and getting 30 minutes with the Bitwig demo it was a damn good night!


It’s not stupidity. It’s hard to retain everything we read. Especially with such a poor excuse for an owners manual. I have to re-look up things I allegedly know all the time. Enjoy!


Yeah about those Volca manuals :shakesfist:


Yes you can

Sorry didn’t read all the responses


It also has trigless locks. Ie. You can have just parameter settings on a step

Another reason it’s overlooked is that it was released without this functionality. I saw “STEP PRIGRAMMABLE PARAMETERS” printed under the knobs and took it up with Korg :+1:


I like the sounds in this demo. A bit beefier than others I’ve heard.