Korg Volca Drum


Yeah, I don’t expect to inspire any great change at Korg with my post. The first Volcas came out over 6 years ago now. Volcas, such as the Volca FM, showed promise with its improved ability to save a relatively luxurious amount of patches (32). I was just foolishly expecting/hoping Moore’s law to bring with it more memory.


It’d be nice to see librarian software come out though for Volca Drum. Cuckoo’s tutorial video makes it pretty clear that other sounds can be synthesized on it other than just drums - it’d be nice to be able to archive presets somewhere instead of just sampling sounds that we discover and like.


That’d be nice. But having to hook it up to a computer every time to do something so trivial really detracts from what really makes these Volcas so attractive in the first place I think.


Hmm I realized that while his tutorial was mentioned at least 3 times, nobody actually linked it, lol


Well, I wouldn’t hook it up every time. Just after I’ve come up with at least 4 original presets - then back them up to librarian as a batch.


For me, that would be often lol. I’d easily fill all 16 slots of patterns and kits messing around with it for an hour.




To each his own. I like being able to back up my presets - this is not unique to Volca synths


Not everyone has the same needs as me but I’m personally trying to avoid instruments (no matter how affordable) that have MIDI in only. I want to be able to record more than just the audio output. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t think any Volca has a MIDI out, without modding.


This is one MIDI out mod option - claims to be solderless:


I’m not really up on the world of Volca modding but I found that info here:


I have fond memories of the Volca FM and Volca Sample. They are what they are. Same with synths like the Waldorf Blofeld module. Good stuff. But a lack of MIDI out is one of the trade-offs.


Didn’t realize you got rid of your Volcas. I understand though.


Well then? :smile:


without need of external battery pack

Also, it’s a different product. The new Elektron is not a synth, doesn’t have wave guide modeling, etc.


I’ll be using this for continous jammin, so no need for more memory in my case. I have a TR8S which has tons of kits/patterns and I only use one that is changed over time, much like an analog instrument with no memory at all.


Like Doubting Thomas I didn’t believe the Volca Drum had proper step editing until I saw Cuckoo himself put his hands in the Volca’s side.

Amen AMEN I say to you: it’s like a mini-Machinedrum complete with a red LED screen!

I’ll probably have to wait until June for salvation though. :smiley:


I don’t mean to get all sour grapes, but I think with Elektron it’s best to wait until something is actually delivered before concluding it’s a done deal.


Oh, was just trying to give the governor some credit that he called it and they actually did release a small battery powered unit, I thought that because the battery actually attached that it would count.

That’s all, not sure what you thought I implied… :slight_smile:


I think you’re right… i never realised this machine was where the beats came from…